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COLOMBIA. A few weeks ago, the singer admits Paola Jaraconducted publication in Instagram face Daniel Alvarezwho is the beauty Queen, host and model. On the page this image translator Banned addressed him with the words: “My prayers for him and all people who are faced with a difficult situation. Oh, God, we need you not to leave us. What forces in her, my admiration“.

Difficult moments Daniel Alvarez

A couple of weeks ago, very convenient to the hospital, so he made the operation easy. Such intervention would be to remove the “masita” very little that I have in my stomach. However, when it tried to remove, the doctors noticed what was attached to the aorta and that the intervention has led to the fact that is closed, preventing its normal operation. Immediately, I had to do a second surgery to restore it through vaccination.

However, her body rejected the transplant, which led to the third operation, which, in turn, is the cause of ischemia. Ischemia decreased flow of blood that ran from his navel to his feet, so that their two extremities, especially the left, is strongly influenced by the lack of blood. Because of the seriousness of the topic, the model has decided that he amputaran left foot, so staying the same I would not be a member of functional.

Paola Jara, was not the only artist who has devoted their prayers, thoughts, or on our web site because in the last days their network was filled with positive messages full of love that seek to promote that the model needs to fulfill with this movement. This approach has identified the process of recovery, and, of course, a little help, Daniel will return to their daily activities. Words of admiration and Paola combine in the oral form is thought by many followers, because it is noticeable, it’s awful.

Like many others who have noted the progress, very convenient, Paola Jara recognizes the value and durability, and proved the existence of the model. In this publication all fans of the Colombian singer wrote your comments, support samples for beauty Queen.