Rosalia wears leggings not overcome, and has his great body full of curves


Rosalia always have the style “height”, as his track ” J. Balvin. His case in regard to fashion, not to follow trends and not use the usual: she has created a universe of instagram, which was his quality that broke in the world of music 2016.

All acrylic nails are very long and shiny, never enough on the exterior, painter 26 years, as well as court platform shoes and tight outfits that accentuate your curves, it seems that in the rhythm of flamenco and the rhythms of tropical interpretirovat.

Sexy dress with leggings Rosalia

And in one of his last photographs, published in February, looks like twins, Kylie Jenner, one of their best friends, using a set of Leggings a fitted blouse and tonal pale pink, which you probably remember his big body. The photos exceeded 2 million likes and has made more than 23 thousand comments full of flattery.

The same dress he used the billionaire 22 year old, miss Kylie Cosmetics in may last year, when he was in his house. As Rosalia, Kylie Jenner loves suits, drives.

Now, when it remains in the house during confinement in a pandemicshowed, costumes, more holgados and comfortable every day t-shirt multi-colored tennis, which led not so long ago in one of its publications, where we enjoyed the sun on the terrace.

Currently continues to enjoy the success achieved on the subject???, released at the end of the year, and sings a duet with rapper Travis Scott who recorded with the greatest joy in the world.

And recently became the image of Nike Women, the sports spectacular, with sports clothes and tennis court to the brands global success in the world of sports.

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