Salinas Pliego runs from Washington to the T-MEC to start

Ricardo Salinas PliegoPresident of Salinas group, has celebrated the entry into force of the new T-MEC and said that free trade allows people to buy what suits you best.

“Free trade brings us closer to prosperity for all, which is probably sucked stand inclusive, we have, always,” tweeted Salinas Pliego of Washington, D. C. in the United States and thanked the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador he calls on him, the meeting with the President, Donald Trump.

“Thank you for the invitation to join you; Mexico, you can count on wrote with Grupo Salinas, to join forces and continue to bring forward”, the entrepreneur.

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The Owner Grupo Salinas, those who attended the dinner, together with other businessmen to a dinner in the White house, said that the essence of the free trade is that there is no pressure on the buyer, or limitations to those offering goods and services.

“It does not mean that governments act to prevent, with the authority that the supply or the demand,” he said.

He stressed that free trade brings people together and keeps away the wars. “It is the cornerstone of civilization that separates us from barbarism. We welcome the entry into force of the new T*MEC and Washington D. C, we can say that today is a great day for the people in the three countries,” he said.