Samples of support and rejection in his tour in the US TV


The President Andrés Manuel López Obrador he began his Washington visit with a delivery of Flowers at the monument to President Abraham Lincoln, as part of his first official activity.

He then went to the monument to Benito Juarez, where did the same, and deposited a flower arrangementaccompanied by his entourage, among them the Secretary General of the Ministry of Finance, Graciela Marquezand the Ambassador of Mexico in the United States, Martha Bárcena.

It should be noted that during his trip on a commercial flight, the agent used face wipesso, not to the time of the visit, the monuments of Lincoln, such as the Benito Juarez. The entourage that accompanied him, nor what he wore to the official images.

At any point, AMLO expressions of support and rejection during his visit to the United States. Photo: AFP

In both locations, López Obrador waved to the distance to the Mexican citizens visited to welcome him. In each point, samples of support and some cancel his visit to the United States were recorded.

The main objective of this, the first international tour of AMLO, since he to the presidency, is To celebrate the entry into force of the Treaty on free tradenegotiated between the U.S., Mexico and Canada, the T-MEC.

It is striking that the great absent in the appointment of the first minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, who not the invitation of the White house accepted.

By the afternoon, the The President of the United States and Mexico, had their first face-to-face in the oval office of the White house.


Then there will be a second meeting between the two presidents, in the end, you sign a joint Declaration.

Then AMLO, at a dinner in the White house, this is going to be private, and where also will be present 10 entrepreneurs and 10 Mexicans.

The President, López Obrador to accompany the dinner, the Chancellor Marcelo Ebrard, the Ambassador Martha Barcena; the Secretary for the economy, Graciela Marquez; as well as the engineer Alfonso Romo, head of the office of the presidency, and the Ambassador of the United States in Mexico, Christopher Landau in the Palatinate.

With information from Maria Luisa Rossel

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