She is so brave. Itatí Cantoral is very

MEXICO- Itatí Cantoral is recording his new soap Opera Mexican and güero, which is held under a production of Nicandro Diaz, and in addition, with the participation of Juan Soler, Luis Roberto Guzman, the first actress Jacqueline andere, Gala Montes, and in July Camejo, to mention some. And in their social networks, beautiful Itatí Cantoral you love to share with their fans, so brave that her days of recording.

So, his latest publication where you can see how the actress is smiling on the helicopter, next to his castmate Luis Roberto guzmán. Without a doubt, this production is going to become a great av design, which is no more than one stuck in the chair. For its part actress fans say they want to see her return to the screen.

However, at the moment, just to wait, as production is scheduled to take to the air starting next month, August, so it takes more time to see this amazing production. At the same time, I hope Itatí Cantoralcontinue to publish online your photos in the forum and much of what you return, and gradually a new schedule and a new regime that emerged after the pandemic Covid-19.

The new normal Itatí

Recently it became known that, so they can start recording Mexican and güero, all products will have to perform the research necessary to detect viruses. That caused a great impact on the set of Itatí Cantoral and Juan Soler, who received a positive result for coronavirus. However, after conducting re-survey was able to confirm that you had only positive results.

That is, without a doubt, it was a sigh of relief, and actress, who admitted to feel very upset can be positive. In the near future to tell you about my real result was his brother, who declared that if I was infected, but is in the process of recovery. Without a doubt, the current situation of coronavirus has affected too many areas of the industry and changed the way in which we are living.