Silvia Pinal: they Give more information to restore

MEXICO – After an accident, the player, in April last year and has already stop operating, the first Mexican actress Silvia Pinalgave little information, the process of recovery. A few weeks ago, was his personal physician, who assured them that Dona Sylvia, quite recovered and was already back. However, because there is not enough, because of the location, there are some doubts among fans.

But now it is his daughter, actress Sylvia Pasquel who gave know the details of the recovery of their mother. He said that recently had the good fortune to get to her, and assured that very well. “My mom is perfect, this warrior has already happened, I’ve seen much more flat, but it is already underway”. Were the words Pasquel, to be questioned about the health of their mothers, in the program of the show.

He shared that he is very a special visit because he was also his brother Luis Enrique, who also wore a small Apollo, grandson of the smallest Actresses. The adorable baby, never cries, only when hungry, already beginning to crawl, and became a blessing to the family.” Recently it became known that, like his brother, singer Alejandra Guzman, also went to visit her mother.

Wanting to get back to work

Over the last few weeks, shared the news that work Silvia Pinaldanger because he gave his delicate operation, still can not return to the forum to continue recording, combined with the location of the coronavirus, because the actress, among the most vulnerable groups of the population, since in their old age. For what they consider imperative that the actress is still in the nursing home.

However, the production where he works, learned that losing the actress is not an option, i.e. search for the form in which it is possible to combine all the records, starting with home address, so is not exposed to any risk. And you can be sure that their work is not affected. And that Silvia Pinalalready externado, your desires shortly to return to work.