so trains and monitors like a supermodel


What is a better way? Karlie Kloss, a famous model Victoria’s Secretescapes from their daily workout, even when the obligations demanding. During his presence in these days at Fashion Week in Pariswhere desfilado for the best designers in top I also used to enjoy running and discover always the beautiful surroundings of the French capital. She shared on her Instagram account a week ago, photos of his training in the Garden of the Tuileries in Paris. “Parade on the catwalk-it’s easy; that’s where the real work begins”, was the phrase-motivator on a virtual machine and still his photos that are displayed have not read a single master class, lesson pushups Legion of fans who crowd her in the social network. Here are some procedures that professes to keep in shape.

The goal: toning

He trains five days a week and trying to plan to do it early in the morning. “Start the morning with a vigorous workout, gives me the energy I need to face the day, recollected in a recent interview.

Pilates, SoulCycle, Yoga, Ballet…

For her, the key is to change your workout and try to balance the session cardio exercises weight. “I like my SoulCycle classes because exercises with high intensity and ballet lessons, because they allow to work on flexibility and stretching of the body. It is important to change to squeeze a profit.” Also the practice of yoga and Pilates (are there any stars that do not?although you prefer the ballet, which is a physician since childhood.

Abdomen and buttocks to the point

His favorite trick is to determine ABS classic squats. No equipment needed, no special equipment and you can do it at any time. In his opinion, part of your body that needs toning is the inner thigh and always travels with a couple of pancakes and gum for execution table exercises in the hotel room. “For some buttocks, what I do is put a few weights for ankles, but when I do any specific exercises for legs. 20 minutes. these exercises enough”.

The secret, unworthy of mention

The model who was starring in the latest campaign for Nike, admits that in running creates contradictory feelingson the one hand, he says, to hate him, and the other makes you feel so good that you cannot stop working. (Don’t miss our tips Running lazy!

Healthy lifestyle and organic food

“The main thing is to live a healthy lifestyle is to include exercises allows in a natural way: by foot through the city, took a Bicycle to go shopping, or using the stairs instead of the Elevator”. Model dba, especially for food organic and natural products (Products ‘eco-friendly’ is there food without chemicals?)and especially for Breakfast, the preferred time of the day. As a rule, choose a protein shake, green juice, omelettes, eggs, avocado or even fresh fruit or Greek yogurt.