Sofia Vergara causes perturbations in the photo on 4 July

COLOMBIA. The translator is beautiful Johnny Riverahad to take my dog Max for an ambulance. Yesterday, July 7, the singer noticed that his perrhijo had no appetite, so nothing to worry. As a rule, Max Rivera is a very fun and relaxed, and never a big problem to get something to eat. Thus, the ratio of the animal was very anxious, and he decided to take him to the hospital, something to think about.

As of stories published in Instagram, it seemed that max had problems of the urinary tract, therefore, need treatment, and soon you will return home. Today, July 8, as better health and johnny Rivera said not even hungry. However, a few hours later I got a call from the clinic that he, Max, was not as simple as a uti.

Fears Johnny

In the second video, the singer thanked his followers to care for the health of max, and he told them this: “Max, there is bacteria in the blood, treatment is a little more complicated. We, at least, three days max in the hospital,” and added wistfully: “Oh, my God, my God! There is not believing”.

Naturally, all his followers took care of his perrhijo, as they always see in the publication, all johnny, and they know how much of what he wants. In the house, that accompanies all the parties, she heard singing and even makes a howling choirs, while he tries to write. The hotel is small, is in hospital in a clinic near where has stabilized and expect to see positive results of treatment during those three days that follow.

Johnnie at home waiting for her filly started to play to brighten up your day because instead of keeping it in the shed, managed to escape, and he got to the room johnny to get his attention. Without a doubt, the singer has a noble heart, that not only deserve the love of their supporters, but also helped to create a strong bond, familiarity with all the animals.