Songs of summer 2020 in electronic music | Dance LOS40


Every time you want less than for us to station the summer. And while it’s true that in summer it looks that it will be radical-that we lived that we are not to be missed, good music. In LOS40 Dance already asked the question: what Value will song of summer 2020 in electronic music?

Guess not easy, so our main dj chose some songs that expressed they sounded and will sound with a particular strength in the coming months. Jax Jones on the Pot using Doja Cat or a memorable Astronomy from Vicetone and Tony Needle which brings us to the dance months.

Songs of summer 2020 Arthur Grao

Directly Astronomy this is one of the songs, and additional Arthur Grao included in your list this year. In Vicetone and Tony Needle still traveled a lot, and we still have time to do “tontako” dancing in the house, as if lleváramos one ataud.

But the main songs list of the year for our dj consists of Tequila in Jax Jones) and Martin Solveig from SCRATCH; Secrets in “Special look” and SCRATCH; Drop the pressure in MYLO and Claptone and I’m going on this holiday in This BPMone of the later editions.

Songs of summer 2020 Ramses Lopez

For our ‘Pharaoh’ is a few songs that will stand large throughout the summer period. Roses in Saint Jhn (Imambek Remix); Say so in Doja Cat (Jax Jones rmx) and Midnight in Dates and 1979.

On each of them that FAO success LOS40 Dance that DJs from around the world will poke again and again, in the holidays, which are held (where carried out). Queens and candidates for Ramses is Nothing really matters in Tiesto and Becky hill and Drown in Martin Garrix and Clinton Kane (Nicky Romero remix).

Songs of summer 2020, Joseph M Hard

“Dance is a little too early to know what will be the disc, since the summer, I think you have to wait a little bit more,” says our colleague LOS40 Dance. Electronic music, as usual, to create hits that work very well in the short term and that they should be maintained over time.

Nevertheless, Joseph M Drive wet: “now my candidates for the spring / summer Climax is Slow Down in Naverick Sabre and Jorja Smith (Vintage Culture and Slow Motion Extended Remix) and Drop the pressure in MYLO and Claptone (Extended Version)”, which coincides with Arturo Grao.

Other candidates

Over time a new song start to copy the playlists and the first of the pubs and night clubs that open before the new rules. One of the first to get to the highest remains Lose somebodythe song is included in a new music project Kygo that was surrounded by a large list of partners, including the jonas brothers.

But not only the great DJs of the planet can claim the throne in the summer heat. Also the musicians of new or little known may seek to be placed in the crown. This is an example when Tobias, the name dj German-Croatian behind the project topic. Always rang in different parts of Europe, but he knew that the success Breaking Me in the end, crossing the border

And you, what you already have song of the year 2020 love?