Sophie Turner gave with a perfect outfit for pregnant women (before the summer)

Born Sophie Turner has left his belly during pregnancy. Actress, Game of Thrones, I found the models to handle in the summer (and so on)

A little bit born Sophie Turner it remains to see walking with their parents and their dog on the streets Santa Monica.

Actress Game of Thrones showed clean, smooth and fresh white dress, light and Princess.

The project is so short that he emphasized the silhouette and belly during pregnancy. The dress is “baby bump”.

Yes, he saw Sophie walking fresh, and assigned to closed mouth mask.

The design is more fresh

Actress Sophie Turner the pregnancy with the demands of the pandemic.

There is a suspicion that pregnancy Sophie already at the finish line -Turner, and his partner Joe Jonas we never talked on this subject, but the message I met in Februaryand for the visit parents, British actress it’s almost a confirmation.

With t-shirts for the project, but fresh

And to to cope with the heat in the summer what has arrived in Los Angeles, Sophie Turner gave with the model of the dresses that I think look and before delivery:

Actress repeated silhouette dress -this time with the model, as well short and cold but in the version of pink. Sophie bet on pastel colorstrend 2020/21.

Short, free, fresh, dress Sophie Turner

Saw The picnic that she organized in the fresh air have Joe Jonas and their parents in Studio City.

Actress, Game of Thrones and Joe Jonas

Belly during pregnancy

In the version with sleeves, Sophie gave its design is perfect.

Again and again Sophie Turner he put the fact that his project “baby bump”. He also saw, with sleeves.

Actress, afraid that model “does that abdomen in pregnancy” it was perfect. In addition, we can allows Sophie Turner to show off your legs.

Was her favorite look before the arrival of the child.