Spain.- Sanchez is open to change the Constitution to limit the inviolability of the king



The President of the government, Pedro Sánchez, has been shown to limit the trailer on Wednesday’s face, a change in the Constitution, the inviolability of the king, and emphasized that there is no room for impunity.

“Of course, to develop the Spanish Constitution, in accordance with the requirements of exemplary conduct and policy of the company”, has defended in an interview to the’ e ‘info Libre’.

The chief Executive has stressed on several occasions that in Spain “there is no room for impunity”, and has the effect that the inviolability of the monarch “one of the principles on which should “reflect” and see “what solutions can be given.

“This is a government before and after the elections, now with the coalition, and previously in the solo, a reform of the Constitution, in order to check the aforamientos of a public office, so that you only on the parliamentary activity and not to another. Therefore, I think that, if this is what I advocate, for all public offices, of course, also the head of the state”, argued about it.

The President, the government also referred to the alleged business of the king Juan Carlos, who is investigating the justice, the took for the to emphasize the supposedly commissions for the intercession in the contract of the AVE to Mecca, that this information “disturbing” for the millions of Spaniards, which he contained.

It has been shown, however, that the reports in the media, the judiciary, and the Royal house “, you are clearly, you will be distancing yourself from such alleged practices reprehensible”. “These three elements make us say that our democracy works, and that there is no room for impunity,” he said.

Sanchez has denied that Felipe VI will play their future on the basis of the response, the Zarzuela in relation to these reports, and has emphasized that it is the own Royal house “, the marking of distances with this alleged practice reprehensible”. “Let’s go for justice”, has settled.