The 10 vaccines are promising, the combat Covid-19


Currently, there are more than a hundred international projects for a cure to combat the coronavirus-SARS-CoV-2. In accordance with the World Health organization (WHO)of the 19 studies, the testing of, 10 vaccines are promising and are in advanced stages, because their processes have accelerated due to the severe effects of the disease.

To get the spread of the Covid-19, which claims to date, the lives of more than 500 thousand people around the world, accelerated the development of a series of recordings, which usually take years to know because they require a treatment of tests to get before reaching the clinical phase, in which it is given, in people, in what manner it acts.

Experts are of the view that there should be more of a vaccine against the disease, which varies the effectiveness and durability of protection, as some of you could provide, immunity, partial or total, depending on the strategy applied.

According to Maria Montoya, immunologist of the CIB-CSIC, center for Biological research at the Complutense University of Madrid, said that the System of information and Scientific news (SINC), the type of vaccines that have been investigated include vector-replicative and non-replicative RNA, DNA, protein subunit, inactivated virus, and pseudopartĂ­culas recombinant viral”.

For his part, Jorge Carrillo, a researcher in Immunobiology of IrsiCaixa, explained that the procurement of vaccine is suitable, includes a kind of competition between the research groups, because of his reputation and the future of so much might be harmed by it, as the level of protection required by the health authorities that at least 60 percent.

Today, researchers around the world working in 149 experimental vaccines. However, according to the news Agency, there are only 10, which is in advanced stages.

1. Vaccine from the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca

This vaccine, referred to as ChAdOx1 nCoV-19, is in Phase three testing, which was administered in 4 thousand volunteers in the UK, in infants ranging from 5 to 12 years of age and in adults over 70 years old.

It was the of a virus called ChAdOx1, a watered-down version Pathogen adenovirusresponsible for the flu more common in chimpanzees, genetically modified, with the aim of preventing its replication in the human, and he suffered a change in its design, in the it, the S-bodies are protein that is present in the corona viruses for the production of anti.

The pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca has signed with partners in the United Kingdom and the United States for the mass production of the vaccine, with the aim of you can doses 2 billion, and distribute it, in the case that the tests have a positive result.

2. Modern vaccine-American

The mRNA 1273 has entered the phase III studies, which are tested for 30 thousand volunteers throughout the month of July.

It is based on the use of RNA, that is to say, the genetic material that will be sent after the injection into the body, the cells, to produce the message bodies, the proteins similar to those of the virus, so that you, as the producers of anti.

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3. Annoying Biologics

The vaccine Ad5-nCoV , created by Chinese scientists has been developed in cooperation with the Academy of Military Sciences of Chinaand is also based on an adenovirus, to be used as a test-candidates to members of the armed forces.

The decision to take the step to stage three was controversial because it was rumored that the Agency Pharma jumped to the requirements of the second phase, which would mean a dangerous situation for those who will be tested, there is no certainty, whether they are voluntary or imposed, on such commands.

4. Sinopharm

The company and its Sinopharm A prototype vaccine against the Covid-19based on the inactivated virus of more than 2 thousand people, more positive reactions supplied, as bad, according to the Chinese pharmaceutical.

The studies of phase three will be carried out this treatment in the United Arab Emirates. It should be noted that the company built two factories for the production of the vaccine in a record time of planning for 200 million doses.

5. Sinovac Biotech

The vaccine CoronaVac, the private enterprises in china, Sinovac Biotech begins the last phase of the vaccine to be pursuing a strategy of inactivated virus and tested 12 research centersin 9 thousand volunteers for six Brazilian regions, from the regions of Latin America, the hardest hit by the virus, with the records of cases and deaths is very high.

The company said in June that, in phases one and two for the prototype of an immune response to the virus in your 743 voluntairos showed and no negative effects have been remarkable. In addition, reported that the construction of a plant for the production of up to 100 million doses a year.

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6. Institute for Medical biology of the Chinese

This inactivated vaccine was developed by the Institute for Medical biology of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (MBCAMS) is currently in phase two of the clinical trials, and is one of the most well known minor information.

IMBCAMS noted, according to the Agency Xinhua, the expected that the use of a plant for the production of the vaccine to prepare for the future of the vaccine from China.

7. Imperial College London

Researchers in london are presented Vaccine RNA self-poweredthat helps improve, to stimulate the production of a viral protein to the immune system.

The trials of this treatment in 300 healthy people and already overcome the first two phases of clinical trials, so that the British establishment was in connection with the Company Morningside Venturesthat Finance, produce and distribute the vaccine.

8. BioNTech / Pfizer / Fosun Pharma

The German company BioNTech, allied with the new York-based Pfizer, and the drug manufacturers Chinese Fosun Pharma, with United forces to develop a vaccine technology based on messenger RNA.

The preliminary results were encouraging, which was applied in 45 healthy volunteers, in which we produced antibodies against the SARS-CoV 2, in which only a few experienced side effects such as insomnia and pain in the arms.


The us company INOVIO began to receive clinical phase-I trials of the DNA vaccine called INO-4800, which claims that positive achievements on a provisional basis.

INOVIO said that the vaccine resulted in the rates of immune response in 34 of 36 patients in the small trial and is one of the projects with the highest support for the financing with the support of the Bill-and-Melinda-Gates-Foundation.

10. CureVac

The German pharmaceutical CureVac has tried to the attention to the administration of Donald Trump to move the signature, the research on a vaccine-type Mrna, in the United States.

But, this company said it has the support of the German state, the “foreign investments and suspicious financial security, without interfering with the business decisions” with a total of 300 million euros, the European Bank gave them a loan of 75 million euros, facilitating the production of millions of doses of vaccines a year.