The daughter of “Don Ramon” shared a photo of the playwrights of his father: “How not extrañarte”


Ramon Valdes (Photo: YouTube)
Ramon Valdes (Photo: YouTube)

El ChaVo del 8 this is a classic television talking. The program, created by Roberto gómez bolaños is still fun generation, with its history and every new I remember miss fans. In this regard, Carmen Valdes, daughter of the famous actor Ramon Valdez, who gave life to mythical don Ramon, which he took from a suitcase of memories new photos of the playwrights of his father.

“And not extrañarte dad that the blame for something that gives me so much! Here in casa Cuernavaca, where we spend happy moments playing and throwing the rest, always with their brilliant jokes, but what is most precious, your way to love, to give, to be! Photo, Original 1977”the girl wrote in her Instagram account alongside an image where he sees it in his hands, remembered the actor.

Don Ramon and his daughter Carmen
Don Ramon and his daughter Carmen

More than 25 thousand followers to your account Instagram, a woman, as a rule, to share moments and pictures that never came to light, her parents, not only with friends records, but also with his family. In this opportunity, postcode, exceeded 6 thousand “like” and aroused great interest of the followers of a mysterious figure El ChaVo del 8, those who expressed their admiration in the direction of a great actor and has left thousands of messages.

We will remind that two weeks ago, in celebration of Father’s Day, the daughter remembered the Mexican comedian said it with love, and at this point there was a picture, original where you can see how the don Ramon with her itinerary, presentations.

Image with which Carmen Valdes recalled late father (Photo: Instagram)
Image with which Carmen Valdes recalled late father (Photo: Instagram)

“Because it’s handy to have as a loving father! Here my father, returning home after a long tour in 1977, we are Glad to be together again! It was all the activities that he did, he made music. Platicábamos and laughed. A beautiful and añorados moments!”was the text with which the woman recalled, Twitter, which is part of a team of comic actors, Roberto Gomez bolaños.

It should be noted that, as Carmen Valdez, Miguel Valdez, grandson of don Ramon, as usual, to share when unpublished photographs of the artist in their social networks.

For example, in November last year, when Ramon Valdes castle, the second grandson of the artist, published the photograph of an unknown grandfather’s brother Manuel “Crazy” Valdes appears, sharing with team members Chespirito.

The occasion in which Roberto gómez bolaños participated in the role
The occasion in which Roberto gómez bolaños was present in his role In the “FAQ” (Photo: instagram)

“Photos, original. I really don’t know where you found it. But it seems to me that this is the home of one of the members of the troupe In FAQ 8, does anyone know who else? See who’s playing in the pictures. Hugs for all” Ramon wrote of the image.

Ramón valdés had ten children and three marriages, he died 8 August 1988 at the age of 64 from stomach cancer. Throughout his life, he was a merchant, manufactured wood furniture, and served as a chauffeur, among other activities. And if you still have not reached the end of the month, was his sister Rosalia Valdes or successful Tin so those who helped him, to give him the money.

Said several times, feel, honey, maybe it would have been that his presence beyond the screen of the guys: “Baby and I still chavito: I have a child’s character and chavitos understand me”. Modest, without work, without money to pay the rent, something naughty, his sensitivity and love for Chilindrina that in real life that you have chosen as godfather of the wedding, it turned out, the don Ramon in one of the characters queribles and inevitable, from FAQ 8.


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