The Duchess of Sussex appeal in the meeting of the heads Up Girl

2020-07-09 09:30:05

The Duchess of Sussex will be the main speaker at the meeting of the leaders of the “Girl Up” which will be held almost at the end of this month.

The Duchess of Sussex will be the main speaker at the meeting of the leaders of the ” Girl Up.

The actress ‘Suits’, Meghan Markle known as before their marriage in 2018, Prince Harry will join her friend Priyanka Chopra and former first lady Michelle Obama to speak in a virtual conference, which will take place between 13 and 15 July.

Girl Up announced on Twitter: “It’s a gift, that woman! However, don’t rely on just our words.

“Take my advice, Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex for the world leaders of the girls, when out on the stage, on the Summit 2020 @GirlUp that will take place virtually from 13 to 15 July.”

Megan will give you an idea, Michelle will offer a special message and Priyanka will take part in session of questions and answers. Sheryl Sandberg gives a lecture on ?????????? gender equality and the empowerment of women, while other stars who will also take part in the summit, this is Chloe x Halle, Storm Reid, Jamila Jamil and Bebe Rexha.

The conference organizers acknowledged earlier that they are “honest” to Michelle participates in the conference on behalf of the Alliance, Opportunities for Girls Fund Obama, scheme, seek to use education to empower adolescent girls around the world.

Director of Girl Up, Melissa Kilby, said last month: “We are honored to have Mrs. Obama with us in our meetings at the highest level this year. The influence which we in this country and around the world is a deeply inspiring and motivating to our executives is female, she is a role model, to use your voice.”

Girl Up has created the Foundation of the United Nations in 2010 and collaborating with international community partners to achieve gender equality worldwide.

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