The Flash: the farewell series to Person Elastic for tweeting racist and macho


Series The Flash in DC owned by Arrowverso from The CWwas fired in these past few hours an actor Hartley SwayerI know this last season People Flexible (Elongated Man), for a series of tweets, the court racist and sexist, which was published a number of publications in which the actor is shared between 2012 and 2014. And then announced that the representatives of The CW, as Warner addition to our own reactions of the actor who offered him for everything that happened.

Person Flexible says goodbye to Arrowverso

Thus, HART maintains Swayer plays Ralph Dibny and alter ego People Flexible in the series The Flash starting in 2017, and in the last days is being revived today a series of publications of the actor on Twitter tags tons misogino and racist. And despite the fact that the account was already removed, the photos became a hit quickly, the reason for the dismissal of the actor managers of the series.

“The publication in social networks, Lord Sawyer, is not supported by our site statements that damage to someone else’s race, ethnicity, nationality, gender or sexual orientation. These comments are inconsistent with our values and policies that seek and develop, in order to ensure a safe environment, inclusive and productive for our employees,” indicate Warner Bros. and The CW.

For his part, the actor himself has published the message of repentance on his Instagram account: “I’m Not here to justify, regardless of the intentions, my words are important and carry significant consequences. And my can and pity, and shame, along with feelings that can imagine, fans, party colleagues, computer, my colleagues and friends. I apologize to all of them. And I owe each of you an apology. Thanks for making me the responsibility,” sums up Swayer.

The protagonist of the series Grant Gustin and what gives life Flashalso shared his opinion via his Instagram account: “I will Say that I was surprised, disappointed and angry when I saw the tweets. Words have meaning”. There is currently no messages about how he will justify his absence for next season (The Flash).

Source | The Hollywood Reporter