The former world champion had cancer the scenes of WWE, loved Vince and more


WWE News Former champion had a cancer in the backtage and more

Welcome to the overview of the News from WWE, in which we try to bring the stories and updates of the company Vince McMahon.

Tonight we will talk about the new project, Vince McMahon, and a potential opponent Randy Orton at SummerSlam.

Also let’s look at what Jim Ross, a member of the WWE hall of Fame, he said, Oh, the late Ultimate Warrior and why I never liked former WWE champion. So, without further ADO, let’s look at the story and more important.

WWE News :Jim Ross calls the former WWE champion Ultimate Warrior ‘poison’ and ‘cancer’ backstage

Jim Ross recently spoke about The Ultimate Warrior in the podcast: Fry JR. Veteran WWE said Warrior was not very expensive in the beginning, and even someone like Bobby Heenan who was very friendly and thinks it’s fun. Add to that, the last Warrior he was not a good guy.

At that time, when he told the Warrior, Jim Ross said that was not done before the wardrobe and, as usual, was very arrogant and selfish. Ross also said that The Ultimate Warrior was a problematic child, and was against the return of a Warrior in WWE. He said there was no need to bring the ‘poison’ in the dressing room.

Vince McMahon Otis for a push in WWE SmackDown

Otis was one of the best years in WWE this year. Not only do we, as a fighter alone, but it was paired with the lovely Mandy rose on the screen.

Otis won his first fight one on one at Wrestlemania this year, beating former world champion Dolph Ziggler. He also won MITB.

In Fightful (Cagesideseats), the person responsible for this high thrust is the Chairman of WWE Vince McMahon. According to the report, Otis is a complete draft, Vince McMahon.

Although in General it does not fit exactly into the prototype fighter Vince McMahon, it seems that his character is original and his funny antics made an impression on the Chairman, who sees a big star in the future a member of the Heavy Machinery.

WWE news: Plans for Randy Orton at SummerSlam

Randy Orton, perhaps the biggest active Superstar starring WWE RAW at the moment. The Legend Killer was the animation this year, thanks to his epic star category R Edge.

Orton will probably face The Big Show at Extreme Rules, which leaves space open for SummerSlam. According to the report, above, Randy Orton was on order, work with Tommanso Ciampa and Adam Cole. There were rumors that this fight could happen at SummerSlam, but it may not be.

According to recent reports, Randy Orton will take on drew McIntyre.

Louis Dangoor with WrestleTalk Alex McCarthy with TalkSport reports that although Randy Orton wanted to work with Adam Cole Tomasso Ciampa or at SummerSlam, neither best heels, means that he will be a candidate drew McIntyre.

Drew McIntyre said in an interview that Randy Orton is the Joker to his Batman. Had plans, what Brock Lesnar to come back and show drew McIntyre at SummerSlam, but I think that these plans also are in danger now.

And here the circle of WWE news, which, of course, came loaded in these moments. There is no doubt that we are now seeing, and I hope that things will improve.

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