The influence of the leaders of the European Tepito: moved to “Betito” And “Pistache” and “Points” in the criminal maximum safety


The Leaders Of The European Tepito,
The leaders of the European Tepito, In the “Pistache”, “Point” and “Betito” was transferred to the criminal-maximum security (Photo: Special)

The leaders of the criminal group Relationship Tepito, Roberto Sprinkle Moyado, In “Betito”; David Garcia: “In Pistache” and “Oscar”, Flowers, “Polka dot”were transferred to the criminal maximum safety.

The system was released early on Wednesday morning under heavy security device because of the high degree of danger they present. The transfer was approved by the Administrative body, was not focused Prevensión and Social Rehabilitation.

In total, 25 inner was removed by the criminal division of the Federal Sonora, Oaxaca and Chiapas. The convicts belonged to the prison South, North, East and Centre, High level of Security, known as Diamond.

Jose Armando Briseño Saints
Jose Armando Briseño Saints, “Cow” has also been removed in the Criminal code, due to its high risk profile (Photo: Special/[email protected])

Jose Armando Briseños Saints , alias “the Cow”, head of the bandits in The Jalisco Cartel-New Generationa criminal from attacking the Minister of Public Security in Mexico city, Omar Garcia Harfuch, is also in the list of transfers.

This shot gives a few weeks after the attack on the chief of police, Mexico, Garcia Harfuch. This year on June 26 the car in which he was riding was ambushed team in las Lomas de Chapultepec, one of the most prestigious areas of the city.

According to intelligence reports, “Cow”, was responsible to recruit fighters and train them to perform official.

Corruption in prisons CDMX

In Module Diamond in The pre-trial detention centre of the Preventive Men’s the North of the City In Mexico prisoners are some of the leaders of the production Relationship Tepito.

In January the three prisoners who escaped in preventive centre of the southern part of Mexico (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
In January the three prisoners who escaped in preventive centre of the southern part of Mexico (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

In may, the door is to be open, one of the criminals prisoners there: Alex Rodrigo Figueroa Peralta, alias “the Tyson”which through your account in Instagram rodrigo_arechiga publishes photos in the camera.

“Tyson”, the head of the Union of Tepito, was shut down in 2018, after dismantling shot and killed by Police in the Mexican capital. Although said crimes as murder, bodily harm, possession of weapons, theft, criminal authority in the prison.

Corruption and anarchy within the criminal Mexicans is not a new phenomenon. A year ago, caught the suspects in the brutal leaders of the European, David Garcia: “In Pistache” and Roberto Esparza, alias “Betito”, was kept in prison male Eastern Mexico.

According to the prosecution, the criminals are using the cells, so that they themselves and their food differs from the others and also have access to a mobile phone. It is assumed that both respondents still driving business group criminal Union Tepito in prison.

Mexico has 13 prisons, often in difficult conditions, where prisoners 24,765.


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