The United States 3 million cases of coronavirus, a third of them achieved during the last month

A cleaning of the streets in Times Square is almost empty, in the borough of Manhattan in the city of New York, USA, on 6. June 2020. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly
A cleaning of the streets in Times Square is almost empty, in the borough of Manhattan in the city of New York, USA, on 6. June 2020. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly

The United States overcame this Wednesday the 3 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 after the government last month more than a million, showed up well in the the controversy over the possible re-opening of schools in the autumn, that aims to promote the government of President Donald Trump to.

According to the data of the separate count of the Johns Hopkins University, USA, the country with the highest punished in the world to have achieved by the coronavirus, 3.016.515 infections with 131.666 deceased.

Behind the USA, Brazil, approximately half of the positive cases recorded with 1.668.589; India, with 742.417, and Russia, with

In terms of the number of deaths that follow the north american country, Brazil, with 66.741 dead; the United Kingdom, with 44.602, and Italy, with 34.914.


Only in the last month, the United States, more than a million cases, most of them a result of upturns in several of the States such as the Carolinas, Texas, Florida and California.

In this situation, the Vice-President Mike Pence stated that the efforts of the working group of the White house for the coronavirus, focus on the last few States. The main deficiency is the lack of medical personnel.

Pence pointed out that in the last week, the Federal government “has been the processing of requests for the provision of a 1.070 doctors, nurses and medical staff.”

The New York city police walk through Times Square on June 19, 2020. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz
The New York city police walk through Times Square on June 19, 2020. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

“At this point, about 525 physicians and nurses are on the ground in Arizona, California and Texas, and we are raising a petition of Florida,” said Pence in a press conference in the White house.

For his part, the coordinator of the Executive response to the pandemic, the doctor, Deborah Birx, as in the same appearance before the media that the conditions that you experienced upticks, should again be called to the recommendations of the phase 1 of the return to normality.

In this connection, he cited measures such as wearing face masks, and avoid going into bars or restaurants, or take in events in closed places.


The responsible persons gave this advice, in spite of the fact that President Donald Trump has insisted repeatedly that the economy should not be paralyzed by the pandemic, and even if the cases grow.

The US today is 3 million cases, and crowned, but a good part of the press conference, the promotion of the return of the school was dedicated in the autumn, and Trump today released two tweets defence of this measure, and throw threats.

“In Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and many other countries, SCHOOLS will OPEN WITHOUT PROBLEMS. The Democrats think that they would be hurt politically if the universities of the US open before the elections in November, but it is important for children and families. It will cut funding if they are open!”, the representative wrote.

In another message in the same social network will Trump the “difficult and expensive” recommendations of the government Centers for disease Control and Prevention (CDC, in English) criticized for the re-opening of the schools.

“While we want to open, you demand that the schools, things to do, very little practice. I’m going to be joining you!!”, he cried.

Pence, however, was more reserved in his words, and asked the press about the threat to the President of the payouts to the schools that don’t open their doors, he replied that a majority of the funding comes from the States.


Even so, that the government is currently holding discussions with the Congress on new forms of financing. “We will see, the ability to give States a strong incentive and motivation for the children in the school,” he said.

Donald Trump, US President (Michael Brochstein/ZUMA Wire/dpa)

Donald Trump, US President (Michael Brochstein/ZUMA Wire/dpa)

But he also stressed that you need to take into account the possibility that the schools in some States or municipalities with many cases of coronavirus, the can may be restrictions on the re-opening or will open only a certain number of days.

“We are very respectful,” said the Vice President, however, warned that it is “essential” that the member States adopt measures to ensure that young people in the class to return.

After criticism from trump to the recommendations of the CDC, Pence announced that the White house is working with this Agency for the re-opening of the schools.

“Now, the President has said today, we want some recommendations too hard,” reflected the Vice-President. “For this reason, the next week, the CDC introduces a new set of tools, five different documents, which give more clarity on the instructions, to go forward”.

The Director of the CDC, Robert Redfield, was at the same press conference and wanted to “very clearly” that “the intention of the recommendations of the CDC is not to be used as to keep the basic principle, the schools closed”.

In this sense, he announced that the CDC will assist with any center, in any jurisdiction, to use “different strategies”, a back-to-school “safe”.

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