Waist boasts a luxurious cubrebocas that is used to quarantine


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I have no doubt that Waist is the icon of fashion and styleand pandemic coronavirus does not exclude that the actress and singer look fabulous in the house, so clear in their social networks, and share video, which allegedly luxurious and extravagant cubrebocas, which is used to protect from covid-19 it never ceases to be fashionable.

Through your account in Instagram and TikTok, translator, “disagree”, as, for example, amazing design of cubrebocas that you use every day, week, receiving thousands of ‘likes’ from his followers who will not hesitate to admit a great sense of fashion that characterizes.

The actress reminded her fans that, despite this, boast with your expensive mask what is really important is to protect yourself from pandemic, which has infected more than 12 million people, causing the deaths of half a million around the world and is in the insulation state, and the third part of the population.

“One for each day of the week if I want to go very glam. But, glam or not, it is important to use a mask to protect us and care for us all, he expressed”.

But this isn’t the first time Talia is proud of its luxurious cubrebocas, as a few days ago, has already shared the model, inlaid with diamonds, created by fashion designer Michael NGO who works to artists as Jennifer Lopez, Camilla, Hair, Lana Del Rey, or Ariana Grande, and which cubrebocas from thousand and 11 thousand pesos, according to the web designer.

The singer showed a very actively involved in the fight against the pandemic, because each opportunity offers its fans to watch and take care of other manteniendose as much time as possible in the house, and listening to health-care measures necessary to prevent infection, because covid-19 has already claimed the life of a loved one, for the actress.