What a talent! Natalia Téllez means the best legacy of his father

MEXICO. As always, his attitude, radiant and full of humor, Yuri he lived from 8 October. Without a doubt, but not this day will be something, in particular, the singer managed to turn it into something magical. I always managed! Every day in George’s life-a day dedicated to happiness and laughter, to be grateful for life and get to work on what she likes. Something good we can learn all we reports.

Secret Yuri

After observation of the actions of Yuri, you can come to the conclusion that the recipe for a good life, be ready to give thanks and enjoy what they have. If you have health, she is dancing because he has health. If you have a job, dances and laughs because you have a job. If you need to do exercise, because during this quarantine overeaten (and all), it makes that laughs, dances, laughs, and, in the end doing exercises.

Yuri teaches us that life is not simple. There are problems that sometimes seem like mountains, but good philosophy, everything can always be better. Stone for Yuri was God from the moment when I heard his voice, and since then tried to pass it on concrete and alive, that is, to do things.

Today is the day I spent with a glass of wine in the company of a dear friend to her. After that, put a joyful heart, listening to the music that he likes. Then went to the gym, threw it to evaluate, and made some videos to please all their fans and motivate them to workout, not to do away with excess weight, eat more in quarantine. In the evening, met my new song All year round come on post number four radio stations, Brazilian.

To finish off the day, he, seeing the publication of his followers, who laughed, joked and were happy with their success, and even shared in its history, a few of these films. The busiest day Yuri was enjoyed by so many people. Everything that lives and shares is an incentive to keep in mind that in this life, should be happy.