50 of the most popular Instagram accounts

Far to post pictures of what they eat, and where they, these artists spent a lot of time on your account Instagram where there are funny pictures or pictures where they look “beauty” to win followers.

Some of them are very controversial, as in the case of Miley Cyrus or Lady Gagasuddenly, show your charms and others as Barack Obama they make us laugh too much. So the Internet site The Chlorophyllhe created a list of 50 accounts on the most popular social networks, and that they bring.

1. Justin Bieber shows his fans the torso dog taquería well trained, and they go down at the slightest provocation.

2. Kim Kardashian-our favorite, although lately, upload photos of your child, and some tours, never ceases to surprise, with a good cue to the eye.

3. Rihanna, or Badgalriri, as you know, the social network, as well as we can be, surprise, a photo showing your body how God brought into the world, you can also upload that to us to leave a bit scary.

4. It seems that Beyonce has to be one of the sexiest women in the world, spent a lot on his career and see so happy at the top of the workspace.

5. Ariana Grande turned into a favorite for many young people who want to learn more, and the artist favorite.

6. Oh, Miley Cirys! This woman needs to have its network to the side, breaking the stereotypes ever, but it never ceases to amaze those crazy things that only she can do it. Of course, with his photo where it shows the language.

7. Beautiful Kendall Jenner away from us drooling immediately, is to upload photos from his life and how this happens with their friends.

8. Because not all learning, meat, Taylor swift has become popular due to share photos from his travels, concerts and one, the other interesting point in your life.

9. Khloe Kardashian hangs a little fame of his sister, but not something to lose sight and more when shows that there are also suyito.

10. Kylie, sister less than a Jenner, just 16 years, as well as it does evil in Instagram. May fall out.

It was 10 stars in a row on the social network. We already have a favorite? Here and below, it seems that the count was very conflicted, and that this phenomenon is very rare, women dominate tremendously.

11. Courtney Kardashian

12. Selena Gomez

13. Harry Styles

14. Kevin Heart

15. Niall Horan

16. Drake

17. LeBron James

18. Nicole Polizzi

19. Akon

20. Tyga

21. Nicki Minaj

22. Cara Delevigne

23. Demi Lovato

24. Neymar

25. Justin Timberlake

26. Katy Perry

27. Cristiano Ronaldo

28. Ashley Benzo

29. Sean Diddy Combs

30. Miranda Kerr

31. Austin Mahome

32. Scott Disick

33. Lucy Hale

34. Channing Tatum

35. Lady Gaga

36. Lauren Conrad

37. Shay Mitchell

38. Jessica Alba

39. Barack Obama

40. Zendaya Coleman

41. Wiz Khalifa

42. Louis Tomlinson

43. Snoop Dog

44. The Rock

45. Dwyane Wade

46. It never happened

47. Zooey Deschanel

48. Bruno Mars

49. Jenna Marbles

50. Talia Joy Castellano

So that they know if they don’t like controversy and see your favorite performers, very natural, don’t worry, the time to follow them.