A day after the visit of AMLO, Trump’s signing of the executive order, in support of the Hispanic


The U.S. President signed an executive order for the creation of an Advisory Commission to the Spanish education and the economy.

Mexico.- A day after the visit of AMLO in the White house, his counterpart in the United States of America (USA), Donald Trumpunder an executive order signed is created Commission the Advice the improved access of the hispanic Economic and educational opportunities.

According to the AP, the Commission has extensive orders for the promotion of initiatives for the free choice of schools and the promotion of public-private partnerships in the Hispanic communities.

“You are a treasure,” he said Trump a lively crowd of officials and former elected officials, executives, and other Latin Americans who were present in the rose garden of the White house for signature before.

Analysts believe that Trump resort to the initiative to take in an attempt to get the latino votes in the face of the election of the next month of November, where he Biden for re-election against Joe. This, after his campaign in 2016, and a part of his government was characterized by a strong tone against migrants.

Yesterday, in the visit of the President AMLOthe current occupant of the White house omitted to speak, in the wall built on the border and emphasized the cooperation between the two countries before the entry into force of the Treaty of Mexico, the United States and Canada (T-MEC).

During his speech this afternoon Trump he emphasized his support for charter schools, and noted that one of the three students attending such institutions in the United States are hispanic. Charter schools that have grown are funded with public money but are managed privately, in popularity across the country since its founding more than 25 years.

White house officials and employees of the election campaign trump card, and put on the voters hispanic the argument that the President of the fracture, caused by the pandemic caused by a novel coronavirus, in which the unemployment rate for hispanics reached a historic low, a strong economy before the economic collapse.



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