A former player of American rescues boy from a balcony in flames


The a former player of American Phillip Blanks, the Super heroes a child was thrown by its mother Balcony of a building it was consumed by fire in Phoenix, United States.

By social networks, spread this video, which is the unexpected. When everything seemed to be chaos, and that the child’s life was in danger, Phillip took advantage of their skill and Skills to get acquired in his time as a player “the catch of his life”.

The former player of American and received the “catch of his life” photo: www.washingtonpost.com

Phillips local media said that he was in his house, as he was heard to scream on the street. At first he thought it was Fightbut after listening to the cries of the mother of the little, came over to see what I could do to help.

It all happened very quickly, Phillip, 28 years old, explained that she saw the child from the balcony, “like a propeller” and reacts in fractions of seconds; he ran exactly in the right moment, threw himself to the ground and caught him.

The Child ‘ s headabout three years old, fell directly in the inner part of the to the elbows.

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