Avifavir: Russia, Latam drug against the COVID-19

Russia present this Friday the Avifavir andn Latin America, “as the first drug for the treatment of COVID-19”, as he tries in detail, the Central American Parliament, political institution, the integration of the countries of Central America.

The Avifavir will be presented through video conferencing the next 10 July. The meeting was organized between the Embassy of Russia in Guatemalain its capacity as observer, and a member of the Central American Parliament; and the Fund of Direct investments in Russia (RFPI, for its acronym in Russian)according to the news Agency of Russia, Sputnik.

The competent Agency of the government of the Russian Federation also points out that “the representatives of all the parliaments, supra-national institutions of the region, the agencies and the specialized committees have been invited to participate in the conference”, and says that the time to 800 people have registered in the event.

For its part, the Central American Parliament was also informed that the Ministry of Commerce and industry of Russia “already has requests for the delivery of Avifavir on the part of the countries in Europe, Latin America, and Southeast Asia.”

And said that the Presentation of the Avifavir it will be done as part of a cooperation agreement between the The Central American Parliament, and Russia in the framework of the the international efforts to combat the pandemic of COVID-19 in Latin America.

The Avifavir the next July 10 in Latin America through video-conferencing. | Photo: @RTCreatividad.

What is the Avifavir is?

The Avifavir is a drug, the Russian treatment of the COVID-19 in Latin Americabased on the drug’s international nonproprietary name Favipiravir, is approved at the end of may of this year by the Ministry of health of the Russian for the treatment of patients with coronavirus.

According to the latest data of the State registration, the Avifavir better results in comparison with other drugs tested, both in Russia and abroad.

In a first stage of the test, the drugs, the present Russia to Latin America, Safety not demonstrated, with no detectable side effects reported new or in the past.

The Medicines of Russian origin it was developed from the RFPI and the pharmaceutical company ChemRar.