changed the perception that Trump had the Mexican migrants


The Manifesto, that it was worth the trip to Washington to meet with his counterpart Donald Trumpthe President Andrés Manuel López Obrador as the representative of the American has changed the Perception and the speech was that the Mexican Migrantsand now, he said, recognizes the contributions of the municipality to the nation.

In an interview on Telemundo in the balance, was held in Miami, Florida, before the city of Mexico, the Federal Executive Board he noted that this visit was important and necessary to celebrate the entry into force of the T-MEC, because it would allow for the reactivation of the economy of the three countries.

The President showed that not to be invited to visit the President, Donald Trump Mexico, because it lives in a electoral process for the presidency of the United States, and the conventions of the Democratic party and the Republican party, which will take place next month, “and we do not participate, this is a question I have to decide, Americans.”

-“In the conversations of friends, and that friendship you have said you have a lawyer by the image of Mexicans, we know what he has said in the past…”, he asked.

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“Yes, but there is nothing fixed, always more to do, the policy has to do with the circumstances and the political is also the weather, the policy is the time. In a moment, the President Trump is a vision of los paisanos Mexican, I in your time I questioned the idea that the type of treatment to our compatriots, but it is different, the years passed, we had a good understanding, he has completely changed his speech.”

López Obrador pointed out that he subscribed to the words of the President about the entry of Mexican migrants into the American Union, “because it was a word of recognition of what have helped the Mexicans to the development of this great nation.

The Federal Executive Board revealed that does not invite, to visit Donald Trump, Mexico, because the neighboring country is in an election process and in the next month, it is the Convention of the two parties.

“Not that we get, the the Americans is a matter that has to decide. What I can comment that it is a very good relationship with President trump, and as I said yesterday, it has removed the relationship of the friends, no neighbours, it is a treatment was very respectful, and I see things very well.”.

To have said, traveled in Washington does not mean to change the policy of his government in foreign Affairs.

“I maintain that the best foreign policy is the internal, to respect when we go in Mexico, on the outside, we can not use the light from the street and the darkness of the house, but this visit was necessary, very important, especially for the pandemic that precipitated the global economic crisis, and we need to economies, to revive both the United States and Mexico, and other countries soon our people.”

He stressed that the entry into force of the The Treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada it is an opportunity for the three Nations, because it would allow to stimulate the economy, for jobs and welfare.

“Go afloat, get ahead, before the crisis, so that is why I don’t visit much care for this, and I think that the President Trump looks.”

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the 38 million Mexicans living in the American Union, as “the hero cried,” due to lack of opportunities and work, “risk, all came here and have gone ahead and now as a paradox and as a blessing you are to send remittances to our country in the order of 35 billion dollars per year.”

“Yesterday, I added in my speech, I said that since the Mexican community in the United States, including the children of Mexicans in the United States was born, there are 38 million people, is a community very strong, which helps a lot, which supports the development of the United States, and since this does recognized by the government of the United States and the President of Trump and that gives me so much joy,” he added.