Color “Black Lives matter” in front of the Trump Tower; he does tantrum



Trump lived in a triplex in the Trump Tower, a luxury skyscraper at Fifth Avenue and 57th street, until they moved to the White house in January 2017.


The city of New York painted on Thursday the Motto “Black Lives Matter” (The life of the black matter) in giant letters in front of the Trump Toweron the legendary Fifth Avenue, to replicate similar painted in support of the movement against racism in other American cities.

Hollywood shows support for Black Lives matter… but it still has to change

The message is clear from the road on the skyline: #BlackLivesMatter.

The President of the United States, Donald Trumpcommented hours after the wall of the giant yellow letters painted on the front of his personal residence and the seat of its real estate group.

The sign of the Black Lives matter on the Fifth Avenue has tweeted the denigration of this luxurious Avenue”,.

Bill de Blasio, the mayor, the Council responded with the following:

This is what I can not understand: black people BUILT the 5th Ave and a large part of this nation. Your “luxury” came from HIS work, of which compensates you never meet. We are honor to. The fact that you see it as a denigration of your street, the definition of racism is,” he said.

The mayor wrote in another tweet that she wanted the President to “see tothree words you don’t the feeling, no respect“.

A dozen volunteers from different organizations They painted the Motto, under the watchful eye of a few police officers and many journalistsand in the end , the mayor and the reverend Al Sharpton, civil rights activist, joined them a pincelazos.

A painting is a nice symbol, but not of systemic racism in any way. As cool as it is, it is important to concentrate,” said Francey Brewster, a young man of 17 years, to the recent protests against the racism, and saw the graffiti.

Other wall images similar in support of the motion, BLM, leads the fight against racism and the brutality of the police against black citizens, after a week of massive demonstrations emerged in many cities.

At the beginning of June, the mayor of Washington, DC, Muriel Boswer, baptize them, a section of 16th street, just a block from the White house, and the area of the demonstrations, anti-racist, such as, for example, “square Black Lives matter”, and a large mural for the occasion, a yellow color to the roadway.

The protests were triggered the death of a black man, George Floyd, in the hands of a white police officer in Minneapolis on may 25.

Trump lived in a triplex in the Trump Tower, a luxury skyscraper at Fifth Avenue and 57th street, until they moved to the White house in January 2017.

The rare times I visit New York, where it remains.

Trump collides often with mayor de Blasio, as well as with the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, both Democrats.

Last year, the Republican President, his official residence of his resort Mar-a-Lago in Florida changed.




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