Elon Musk and the great jokes, the Tesla shorts that were exhausted within a few minutes


Hard to spend a few days without some extravagant message CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk. The penultimate was a few days ago, when he announced support Kanye West after an incredibly rate race in your country. Before jumping owners on the bright is the name of the first child with singer Grimes in to argue with the motherit of course, a Threesome with amber heard and Cara Delevingne or wonder, laying down my stuff.

Now in my last enterprise released some shorts with the logo of Tesla despite its relatively high price 69,420 dollars very popular in a short supply. But, as in the case of the name of her last heir, these figures conceal a special meaning.

“Spends the summer shorts Tesla. Running like the wind and plays like Liberace with our project red satin and gold. Relax by the pool or relax in throughout the year, our Tesla shorts limited edition, with our exclusive Tesla logo to side and ‘S3XY” ass”. From this message announces which of clothing, the choice of which instead of, for example, a cap or t-shirt– also has its own value.

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As reported by ‘Cnet’, shorts relied on “short-selling’, investors who bet on falling prices of shares of the company to make money. And the last three digits 420 coincides with the price at which Musk wanted to re-purchase shares of Tesla in 2018, when he announced his plans in architecture that cost him the authorization of the Commission for securities of the United States.

In the PostScript of humor, your typical billionaire, room 420, also used in the US to refer to the consumption of marijuana. The origin of the term comes from the story of a group of teenagers from schools in San Rafael, California in 1971, who gathered after school at 4:20 to smoke marijuana.

 Flamethrower, why not? (The Boring Company)
Flamethrower, why not? (The Boring Company)

Although, interestingly, it seems that the clothes are not the craziest that the Mask put on sale. After commercialization 50.000 caps with the promise that if you sell all deduced several flamethrower, in order to “spice up any occasion”the entrepreneur brought to the market by the Boring arms Company promised at a price of $ 500 and the possibility to buy a fire extinguisher for another 30 euros. The fire extinguisher, which after trying to ban the sale, Musk started selling mandatory to buy dangerous juguetito. Suffice it to say that I sold everything and won no less than $ 10 million in just four days.