Famous mansion for $10 million. of U.S. dollars, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez spend the summer


Diva of the Bronx and A-Rod are the most luxurious and cozy house in the Hamptons, new York.

Translator Jennifer Lopez and former baseball player Alex Rodriguez have used the heat of the summer to move to a house Diva Of The Bronx in Hampton, New York.

It should be borne in mind that the pair, accompanied by their children, passed quarantine at the residence, A-Rod in Coral Gablesbut a few days ago I decided to take the plane assignment in the Big Apple.

Through a series of videos and photos posted in Instagram History, is that the partner brought us to know the details of the family that the singer bought in may 2013, in $10 billion..

In materials see them perform require exercise, playing softball and even American football with a group of friends for three acres of land, with exclusive flats.

For cooling from high temperatures, which are accounted for at this time of year, there is also an outdoor swimming pool and water slides inflatable, which falls into a small pool.

As for the interior, the house has extension 8 500 thousand square metersdivided into eight bedrooms, 7.5 bathrooms, kitchen, interior, dining room, living room, game room, TV room, cinema room with Seating type, living room, a Turkish bath and even a sauna.

Although this apartment looks like the home of your dreams, Jennifer Lopez, but, as usual, to visit during the summer, while the rest of the year spent in Los Angeles, Las Vegas or Miami.

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