–How the trumpet to Mexico? “Now the elections are coming and we expect results”: AMLO Telemundo


President Lopez Obrador said in an interview with Telemundoafter the meeting with Donald Trump in the United States that “not now” expected to invite his counterparts to Mexico because it is closer to the us elections, but said that his government would await the results.

The Mexican Chief Executive also said that she met with migrants “by the pandemic, from a healthy distance”.

Mexico City, 9. July (Special Telemundo for, However).– In an exclusive interview with Telemundo prior to the launch this Thursday from Washington DC back to Mexico, the Mexican President, Andrés Manuel López ObradorThe relationship of “Friend“he has with his us counterpart, Donald Trumpwho he said “has completely changed his speech,” with reference to the Mexicans.

“There is nothing fixed, it evolves, always. It is the policy of the time. I introduced the treatment to our compatriots, but now it is different,” said Lopez Obrador, called AMLO).

“Today, we are determined to have a good relationship and not fight to try to the similarities”, he added about the American President, who on several occasions been compared to Mexican criminals, and tougher policies against immigrants, hundreds of thousands of people has taken.

President Donald Trump sounds, such as the Mexican head of state, Andrés Manuel López Obrador applauds during an event on Wednesday, may 8. July 2020, in the Rose garden of the White house in Washington. Photo: Evan Vucci, AP.

López Obrador held on Wednesday his first trip abroad, the White house, celebrating the new trade agreement, the North American, which came into force on 1. July. After his return to Mexico, he said Telemundo but that the “now“he would Trump the return of the visit: “Now come the elections, and we are waiting for the results”.

Lopez Obrador reiterated that his relationship with Trump as “very good”, and that during his meeting with the President, it was a “quote from a friend and not a distant neighbor.”

In addition, he apologized for not having met with Mexicans living in the United States: “I was Not able to meet my country people, the dignity of the pandemic, from a healthy distance, but also because I came to a meeting with the President of Trump and I wanted to Express my feeling that you’ll be treated as you deserve to be with a lot and I think that this has been achieved”.

On migrants, the López Obrador declared that “we have respect for our countrymen, we consider them as heroes of life, because they had to leave the country due to lack of opportunities and the work and risking it all are here.”

In addition, highlighted in the sending of remittances, which the Mexicans from the USA to their relatives in their homeland, which annually generates $ 35 billion in this country. “It is the main source of income of our country,” said Lopez Obrador.

AMLO and Trump in the White house. Photo: government of Mexico.

During his visit to the Mexican head of state was celebrated with a gala dinner at the White house attended by many businessmen from both countries.

In addition, he visited the monument to President Abraham Lincoln, and also the place where the statue of the former President of the country by Benito Juarez.