How to care for skin after 40 years, and products that should be used

To reach 40’s it’s not easy. If we don’t take care of our skin, from our youth, we can lead to skin problems, which sometimes requires a lot of products and consultation with a dermatologist, but the truth is that all is not lost, 40 is the age, and great to take care of you, because some tips.

With each decade, leather has some very specific requirements, which we have to pay for the time in which we find ourselves. In the case 40it some variations that we should take into accountin particular, when investing in specific products and the method of their application. 40 is the best age to take care of the skin… but seriously.

This time, as you know, to see you shining 40 (always)

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With a dermatologist particular, Paula Miranda says habits what if not tomabas seriously, this is the time that aprecies: something as simple as to sleep not less than seven and a half hours or take water and add vitamin C in your dietthey can make a difference.

Look no further, here are some of the best tips and great products to let you know how to care for skin in 40 years.

Cleaning properties, respectively,-as a protective

Cell Energy Capture Totale, Dior

Recall that during this stage of our lives our cell regeneration need Help extra’, so it’s important to leave aside cleansing. Now you have that to invest in products that restore and protect. The tool is ideal for use in this decade is Capture Totale High-Performance Gentle Cleanser, Dior. This product has the formula precise for longoza, white Lily, peony and Jasmine Chinese: these flowers have power regenerative effect, regenerative, and clearsthat will help you to remove from the skin damage from pollution and time. His Bio-Cellular Technology (patented Dior) helps to moisturize, cleanse, improve and protect the skin. Recalls that 30 need to begin to clean not only the skin, but also part of the neck, which is one of the first part of the silhouette to find in our century.

Serum, day

30 if you use the same serum at day and at night time diversification and to understand that until 40need that protect your skin while you continue with everyday. Usually someone who has an active recommended, one of the best that you can find is Resveratrol Lift Firming Serum from Caudalie, which has a micro hialurónicos acids and resveratrolcomponent developed a brand that comes from grapes and purpose, search the regeneration of the skin.

Serum restores

We’re talking from the application day, but that you will apply before going to sleep is just as important. If you already have a product that will help you take care of your skin, this time, this time, the night, you must choose the one that will help you to be renewed. Serum Botanical Night House, the Jungle has 8 ingredients that in combination with antioxidantsthey can care the skin perfectly. Has oil omegathat is very it is important to ensure the regeneration of the cellswhile provides protection from aging.

Used the product, which helps you to get rid of toxins, so bright

40, lymphatic drainage and cleanses the skin in depth is a prioritybut we do not say that often you make a meeting with a dermatologist or go to a Spa. Rather, it is a tool that allows you to merge all that is not necessary, therefore, to have Guasha rose quartz it’s also something you can add to your shopping list. This product with proper technical-can improve blood circulation and relieve muscle tension. Aplícalo, at least several times a week on face and neck and you will see that for a few days and you will notice the difference.

Cream all-in-one (depending on skin)

When we say everything, we mean moisturizing properties in addition, that instagram tint color of the skin, moisturizes and protects from harm the environment. Yeah, don’t think I don’t exist, the Diamond White SPF 50 PA +++ Oil-Free Brilliant Sun Protection, this CC Cream reflective, which takes care of the skin at this age like no other, its light texture, very easily absorbed and the color matched of course with your skin. What else do you need?

Mask components, ideal for women aged 40 years

At this age, you need to give him your body,for an extra dose of glycolic acid, collagen and retinol. This can be found in the mask with glycolic acid on Biossance that it has the texture of sand and thorns all kinds of nutrients for skin regeneration. It is possible apply several times a weekespecially when you want to give your body a boost of energy.

Goodbye, dark circles and bags under the eyes

With 20 years, you can start to see the eyes an opportunity to transmogrification in our PU. This is the same as 40-it’s almost impossible to hide when you don’t sleep, our 8 hours a day. If you’ve never tried before it’s time to use the patches. Focuspot Dark Circle Micro Tip Patch With vitamin a, is a product developed by dr Jart for to stop the inflammation, in this RAin and with bags. Aplícalo times a week before bed, and you will see how your skin in this part is updated instantly.

Look no further, here cosmetic products are ideal for use 40 years.

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