Japan.- Japan was bracing for more torrential rains, flooding and mudslides after the death of 56 people, the ” go ” due to a temporary


The Meteorological Agency of Japan, warned on Thursday that there is a high risk that you will produce more torrential rains, severe flooding and landslides in the country after the death of 56 people, on the basis of a temporary in the region of car type.

As informs news Agency Kiodo, it is expected that the rain will stop, in the area, and there is a high possibility that the precipitation in the West of Japan to take until Saturday.”

In the car-art, there are still 13 people unaccounted for, as noted by the authorities in japan. The japan Meteorological Agency, the population is asked to remain vigilant, especially in light of the risk of spilling over fifty rivers. To Wednesday, were registered 123 landslides in a total of 18 prefectures.

During the last pass, the Prefecture of Kumamoto, was more deserving of the deceased, with at least 53 deaths. The rains, especially in the rural areas of this region are affected.