Johnny Depp calls amber heard narcissistic sociopath in the first day of trial


Johnny Depp “is not and never was maltratador wife”this was stated on Tuesday his defense in court, which was held in London, where the American actor put millionaire a lawsuit for libel against the British tabloid “The Sun’.

Translator, 57 years old, and his exmujer, actress Amber Heard, 34 you personaron in the exhibition, which was held in the superior Court in the download process, expected to last three weeks, in which Depp claims that he is looking for “clear your reputation”.

    Amber heard, comes to court. (EF)
Amber heard, comes to court. (EF)

On the first day of the court have left some bold positions, as when Depp claims that he decided to divorce heard after this “defecara in our bed” –although she said it was just an innocent joke, or admitted that at the age of 14 years “I tried every drug known to mankind” or that is spent “more than 24 000 pounds per month in wine”although he admitted that did not drink it.

He also talked about the fact that just consume the drugs with Marilyn Mansonhis admiration for the Rolling Stone Keith Richardsonce they’re in the same room with Kate Moss or a traumatic break-up with Vanessa Paradiswhich he called “Albatros ” French”.

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Depp has accused Hurd to be “narcissistic psychopath and a calculator that he married in order to develop in their career” and called several of the alleged humiliation and beatings by the actress, who argued that is a major part of my moral code that never pegaría woman, at any time, in any case.”

On the contrary, the lawyers, its exmujer as you described a person sharp that agredía when he was drunk or indoors.

    Depp, comes to court. (EF)
Depp, comes to court. (EF)

Note the opening, which was read by Depp’s lawyer, David Sherborne, he stressed that the defamation case is not for his client “a question of money”, but “justice”. The defender argued that, on the contrary, Heard in exesposa actor “invented history of serious violence”while in reality she was “attacking” relationship.” The article was published in the newspaper said the charges heard Depp on the text that the actor was abusive towards her during your marriage, something which he flatly refuses.

“He is not and never was maltratador wife. In reality, argues that it was Hurd who started the physical fightwho gave him a fist and hit him, and it was too little to really do that is to stop it; she was the enemy, not him”, he said.