Karlie Kloss, a teacher of programming | Style


The way Karlie Kloss can calculate based on numbers. Just for 23 years had roles in more than twenty covers for the magazine Voguetakes eight of the models is better paid in accordance with Forbes and desfilado under the leadership of large companies, such as Gucci, Chloé, Valentino and Victoria’s Secret. But, besides his career on the catwalks, in the American model is also one of the manikin the most prepared at school. Two years ago, approximately, Kloss decided to learn about programming codes, in particular code in Ruby. While studying at NYU, he realized that most of the students, matriculaban courses infomática were men. So I decided to change this reality, and has now embarked on a project to encourage women to participate in this discipline.

The initiative is called Kode with Klossy it’s a summer camp focused on adolescents aged 13 to 18 years. “If you can teach you how to write code, or at least to understand how it works professional level, to open new opportunities for your career and life in General,” he said in an interview Techcrunch.com. The program offers 80 scholarships for girls from cities such as new York, Los Angeles and his hometown of San Luis, in the state of Missouri.

“We need more women working and learning on topics related to programming. Technology is changing the way the world works, companies that are engaged in, and have great influence in our lives, and it is very important that women are part of the equation”, was puntualizado.

While most of the models is usually to invest in creating their own brands and cosmetics or to open the way in the entertainment industry, Kloss decided to change that and focus science and mathematics. His interest in programming was born when he received his first degree. “I realized that the creative and versatile, what it is. He was there when I decided to quit Kode with Klossy to facilitate access to school and to teach the young women how they can apply force of the code in their own interests,” – confessed news blog Mashable.

She agrees that your course is more inclined to science, was surprise more than one. “10 years ago, maybe it was very strange that the model will take classes in computer science. But today, the fashion industry, working with technology. When I began to walk, almost in a new life dedicated to him alone. You did not have consent to provide any information about the collection designer, no one. Now, in backstage do streamings, Periscopes and hangs in Instagram. The fashion industry has changed very little time, and it’s all thanks to technology” was puntualizado model.