Karlie Kloss: “I was told that I was too fat and too thin, on the same day” | Men and Famous


Karlie Kloss on top of the fashion industry. Ex Angel Victoria’s Secret, although it is true that today is not one of the most common on the catwalks of the fashion weeks, Yes, it’s one of the main characters, more recurridas big companies for their advertising campaigns. But his career wasn’t always easy. So that reminded now of the United States, 24 years of age, during a conference in Cannes: “I was told that too thick, and that he was too thin, on the same day in different casting“. And the fact that his actions are of a heart attack: measures 1.75 m, weight-57 kg.

In conversation at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity next to Joanna Coles, the head of the content Hirst (the group publisher of magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar or Esquire), Karlie Kloss also expressed the hope that designers make clothing for a wider range of shapes and sizes. Because despite the fact that now the fashion industry seems to be opening hands on their drives, their canons of beauty, for example, the expulsion of large size model Ashley Graham on the cover of 125º anniversary Vogueis that too jump Reports that are inconsistent with how Louis Vuitton has decided not to speak to the parade with Ulrikke Høyer too thick, despite its size 34.

“I don’t want to please anyone but myself,” he said Monday model. Thus, as shown, and after this event, her strategy to survive and thrive in the business was focusing on his health and strength above its weight. The attitude that led him to the main 36 covers the challenge of the Bible of fashion[[[[Vogue] and became the face of the campaign of Carolina Herrera, Adidas, Swarovski and L’oréal Paris Ambassador.

Yes, it’s true that Karlie Kloss is not a model of use, so during a conversation not only about fashion and body, as well as the empowerment of women. Dress entrepreneur Joshua Kushner (brother of Jared Kushner, husband of Ivanka trump), himself a career in the fashion industry with their passion, with competent, because they studied the encoding of computer science in 2014 at the University in new York. After graduation, he began Kode with Klossy, camp young people learn to program that in its second edition and was expanded in the 15-year-old courses, which will be held in 10 different cities. “In my heart, nerd. I love to understand how it works,” he said. The project, which began a year ago, knowing him when he was a student that most of his colleagues were men.

Aspects of the business, in addition, also showed that the creation of Klossies —the same name that has its own channel on YouTube, with 560,000 registered customers— the company, which is engaged in how to make the cookies, vegetarian dishes and gluten-free, and spends a portion of their income to charity.