Malawi. – The President of the new government of Malawi between criticism because of its size and composition


The President of Malawi, Lazarus Chakwera, has announced the composition of the new government after his victory in the repeat presidential elections in the year 2019, an Executive who has led criticism of the immediate due to the large number of portfolios, the representation of women and the presence of family members of prominent public figures of the country.

Chakwera has appointed a leader, the 21 Ministers and seven Deputy Ministers, all the members of his ruling Congress party of Malawi (CCM), the movement for the Transformation Attached to (UTM) Vice-President Saulos Chilima, and the people’s party (PP) of former President Joyce Banda, members of the Alliance Tonse (Together).

The new President, who was imposed on Thomas Mutharika in the polls, had pledged that women would occupy 40 percent of the positions in the government, although it is slightly below this figure, with four Ministers and seven Deputy Ministers. Despite this, the figure is a historic maximum in the country.

So, the Secretary General of the UTM, Patricia Kaliati, has been appointed as minister for community development and Social security; Agness Nyalonje has been in the forefront of education; Khumbize Kandondo Chiponda, in health; and Nancy Tembo, on the forests and Natural resources

In social networks there was criticism due to the low number of women heads of ministries, while you with all the vise.

Chakwera has since, in addition to Felix Miusu on the front of the finances, published in Eisenhower Nduwa Mkaka in Foreign Chimwendo Banda on the Internal security and Titus Mvaio in righteousness, according to the list from the government on his page on the social network Twitter.

The Cabinet office has been criticised also by the presence of family members of prominent personalities in the country, including Roy Kachale-Banda, son of the former President, as minister for industry.

In addition, the first Vice-President of the CCM, Sidik Mia, has been appointed minister of Transport and Public Works, while his wife, Abida Mia, the Deputy minister for agriculture, a portfolio, under the leadership of the former President of the parliamentary Committee for Legal Affairs, Kezzie Msukwa.

On the other hand, Ken Kandondo minister for labour, becoming the second member of his family was appointed to a position in the government of Chakwera, together with his sister, owner of the health.

It also received the criticism of the appointment of the gospel Kazakh, owner of the Zodiak, one of the stations most influential in the country, as minister of Information. Also Agnes Nkusa Nkhoma, the sister of his deceased wife, Deputy minister for agriculture.

In the centre of the complaints, many of them expressed in social networks, the decision of the new President, several ministries are growing to give the number of portfolios, the fees of the people, as in the vicinity of the circuit parts.

On the other hand, the criticism for the appointment of Rashid Abdul Ghafar as the minister for mines, because he has self-collected owners of the company for the mining industry, such as, the newspaper “lake Nyasa times”.

“Breach of TRUST”

The announcement of the composition of the new Executive was also criticised by the opposition, whose leader, Kondwani Nankhumwa has described the government as “a betrayal of the trust of the population”.

“It is a Cabinet of the appeasement policy. Instead of doing the things ‘unusual’ that he promised, during his speech, inaugural things to do, the “usual”, said, in the statements of the cited journal.

In this sense, has highlighted that “it is probably the worst Cabinet that the population of Malawi has ever seen,” and emphasized that “simple, it is representative”.

The opponent, who was the leader of the government in the Parliament, under the chairmanship of Thabane, has said, “sorry” that the President “has chosen to do something for the people, loyal to the MCP and a few of the UTM instead of the future of the country”.

“It is absolutely unacceptable that the President and the members of the same family, including a couple of choose, as a Minister, when he promised a posture of collective governance” have been criticised.

In this way, has argued that “the government is a pie-national, which needs to be shared in an equitable way”. “As opposition, we expect Chakwera to appoint a government, this would be a commitment to re-uniting the population against the last, and heavy divisions of tribal, ethnic and regional levels,” he added.

Nankhumwa was loaded in addition to the appointment of a new Minister for health and has said that the charge should have been occupied by experts in the face of the pandemic of corona viruses and their impact on the country.

On the other hand, stresses that have been deleted from the ministries of water and irrigation, gender, the disabled and the Elderly, as well as Preparedness and response to disasters. “These ministries would have more sense than to separate industry and Commerce, forestry and natural resources, and mining and energy,” he argued.

The leader of the opposition in the Parliament has emphasized, through all of this, that “the voters voted for a change, but the new government does what the new”. “It’s not inspiring, if not disappointing,” has riveted.


Chakwera promised to work on Monday at his inauguration to declare in favour of a change in the time, the politics of the country”, to reduce the powers of the presidency”, and to appear before the Parliament, its policy.

“I will propose to reduce the legislation, the powers of the presidency and the strengthening of institutions, regardless of how the Parliament and the office for anti-corruption”, noted at the time, said that he would meet “every three months” with the opposition “to alternative paths” to your management.

On the other hand, insisted on the need to “work hard”, something that he repeated six times in a row, and stressed that “it is a country with a lift and it is no time to lose.” “All hands to the work” low.

Chakwera promised, on 28. June, after taking office, that he would work to achieve a “new ” Malawi” and “restore the faith of the new generation”. As well, he said he hopes to have the leadership of a government ” not to instruct but to inspire; one who is not evil, but listen; to not scream and to fight for the people and not against them.”

The population of Malawi went to the polls to choose the country’s President, after the elections of 2019, in the Mutharika won the back, were thrown on the pile, which registered in February by the courts because of the numerous irregularities during the process.

Mutharika has confirmed his defeat, although he assured that these elections were considered to be “worst in the history of Malawi.” Therefore, he has urged to reflect on the nation that happened, but has asked that you regarding the results.