Mhoni Vidente reveals that he had coronavirus


Mhoni Seer he confessed that in March last he had coronavirus, after the presentation of some of the symptoms associated with the disease.

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Through their official YouTube channel, the fortune teller said she experienced in her own flesh, the evil, the suffering of the world in General.

“Take good care of the pandemic, bring your face mask, as you want to, I think, because so many people (again), I had commented that I feel that it is me the virus on 14 March, a long time ago, and that gave me very little, which gave me a very strong headache and legs and that I could stop,” said the seer in the clip.

Although he confessed that it was a drawback, it fizzled, the seer said that you have a homemade remedy to recover, and in a short time, the virus from your body.

“I have my paracetamol, my water with lemon hot. I am very healthy, I always try to keep me, and eat well and I lasted for three hours or four viruses, and I went to the outside,” said Mhoni Seer.

Despite feeling an improvement, said that he does not trust and try to be attentive and exercise.

“The last time I tried to move, to go on foot, I trust, but I feel that I already brinqué, as well as I do, a lot of people here in the city of Mexico, in the Republic, as the jumped to take care of the older people, try to get in your face mask, because you said that the virus in the environment, in the air, not so much, if she is locked up, where you are in the air, it is more difficult to control, which is why it is very good to your face mask, and what is better, to stay healthy.”

Mhoni Seer the same time as the Undersecretary of prevention and health promotion, Hugo Lopez-Gatellin terms of maintaining a healthy diet, but behind the economic opportunities and the pace of life of the population asks to be prevented, have habits the best.

“I was the assistant secretary-Gatell not told to eat, how much soda or anything with sugar, pus,’ no more, Lord. Gatell, pus, Mexico, as a country in Latin America, the countries that do not have an economy to feed so good to us well, I know you have more to eat, frutita, verdurita, but sometimes you bring a big appetite, and you have a drink and a gansito, or a panesito we love guajalotas,” he concluded are.