NGOS reported effects by epidemic

The Federal government’s response to the pandemic COVID-19 was too late, and badly, according to the report of the organization of vital functions, which explained that it was a rejection of the recommendations and actions of the civil society and the private sector.

In a report released on 9. July, the organization notes that during the crisis, COVID-19 is not the responsibility of the Mexican government, their answer, Yes it is.

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“The measures taken are not commensurate with the challenges caused by the pandemic,” says the report also makes an assessment of the health and economic impact on Mexico, due to the epidemic.

To the criticism, the strategy of the government, the President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador it took 20 days to complete the establishment of the first session of the General health Council after the first infection found in Mexico, “ignoring the context of the scenarios in the area of international health, as well as the limitations and warnings, the implementation in virtually all countries of the world.”

The report claims that neither the Federal government through the health authorities, nor the same CSG “adequate coordination with the private sector” to reflect the economic downturn and the impact on the health of the virus.

“Were not established to impose strict measures to isolate patients, and their contacts, even to enforce the delivery of the social. The policy was a ‘recommendation’ only and do not include any severely disabled,” he criticized vital parameters.

The organization took as examples of bad decisions, the approval by the government of Mexico city adopted on the 13th and 14th of March, the concert, Vive Latino, and 10 days of to, the phase two of the pandemic called social distancing.

He argued that the government was caught in the dilemma between economy and health, with the result a pandemic that gets out of control and the economic activities in an uncoordinated manner.

“Faced with the worst pandemic of the last hundred years, we should have had a thorough Protocol of measures and status of implementation of the policy, with follow-up measures are much stricter, harder and more effectively. In spite of the information of latest creation around the COVID-19 is mentioned in the table above, it is a document that is not at least in public, where you recommendations for administrative management, budget, data, and indicators, and foresight, in relation to the pandemic,” he said.

The question of the Model Sentinelthe government used to process the indicators of the daily development cases “it is not designed to estimate the prevalence of the new virus in the country. It is not absolutely necessary to note that the model capture all the cases in the country, but only an example may not be representative, with very detailed data, to generate information”.

The organization insisted that the model of the Sentinel should be used only “if the epidemic is caused by a virus that is already know, and you know how it behaves. The virus-SARS-CoV-2 new to science, so that there is not enough information to determine its behavior under the Mexican population”.

Vital signs noted that, although there is a method to successfully diagnose and monitor disease COVID-19, the Pan american Health Organization (PAHO) called for the acceleration of the implementation of the tests, the infection recognize and take appropriate action, but “this option was not followed and it seems already too late for the country.”

At the same time, “serious communication criticised for errors” on the part of the government and the Deputy minister of health, Hugo Lopez-Gatell of contradictions and misleading information in the messages to the citizenship.

“The messages were targeted to the population contradictory, and, during all this time, and there is nothing to suggest that it is not in the next few months. This creates uncertainty about the actions of the population and a survey strongly about it, to reduce when they really arrive, the number of infections,” he said.

He also noted that the limitations of the model, the Sentinel added to the under-reporting of the number of cases and deaths generated distrust in the official information.

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The economic reaction

Vital signs was estimated to reduce that factors such as the consumer slows down, the subejercicios of the Federal government, expenditure, investment desincentivada, the uncertainty in the decision-making, as well as the cancellation of projects, and the “ongoing corruption” is affecting the economic situation with the arrival of the epidemic.

In question provided that the decision of President López Obrador was based only on two premises: that it does not support more debt, and not rescatarían companies of any size, only the family.

“That was the whole of the economic response to the pandemic by the Federal government. On The Contrary, the Bank of Mexico acted with more decision and force. It was important to avoid that the crisis of supply and demand of goods and services would infect the financial system,” she said.

The organization insisted that the absence of immediate action on the part of the Federal government for the maintenance of the level of income and employment”, was sentenced to the economy and society in a crisis, which for the last few years.”

He also warns that there are at least 10 million Mexicans in extreme poverty, in addition to those, you in 2018; the digital divide is an engine of inequality, despite the efforts of the Secretariat for Public education by the classes in the reason; and that violence against women has increased, while the confinement is minimized, despite the fact that the President was.

Here you can see the complete report of the vital functions:

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