Nurse Russian viral a model of the brand’s sports News show


At the beginning of the pandemic get viral photo a nurse visited the Russian, to the patients of a hospital dressed only with underwear and wrapped in a protective suit. Now this woman was chosen as the face of a sports brand.

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Nadezhda Zhúkova23 years old, a nurse, works in a hospital in the area Tulain Russia, where they take care of patients COVID-19. In this place, Zhúkova viral after it was published, are underwear some photos of her wearing a protective suit.

When asked this young man why he had so little clothing under the suit, she said that I had a lot of heat, and he had not noticed that her dress was so transparent, and so embarrassing, he is not the biological protection-transparent.

After a few months, Nadezhda a quote can be obtained, the face of a sports brand and the support of numerous women across the country who posted photos wearing a dress similar to that.

The Governor of the region Tula it also gave his support for this nurse, who now works as a model for Zasport.

Nadezhda it was a symbol of the era COVID-19. This courageous and beautiful young woman, who has helped in the fight against the virus. The invite to be a part of our social programs ZaHelp we started in March. We are also ready to provide all necessary help to the hospital Tula where works Nadezhda“he said Anastasia Zadórinathe founder of the brand.



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