Selena Gomez explores her femininity


Author of various topics such as “Feel me” and “Rare” Selena Gomez is much more than a talented singer. She of the few stars who from childhood were raised bow unwavering your audience. It is impossible not to recall how one of the charming girls who accompanied the purple dinosaur in the “Barney and friends”, she was characterized by Gianna.

It showed, moreover, that this young the taste of anything extravagant. For example, has the ability to travel around the world, but prefers to stay at home, or just to visit in Europe. You appreciate too his family and the first I remember in life is to see his mother, drawing, which, by the way, I got pregnant when I was only 16 years old. So many times, was forced to make a clarification that it was not his sister.

Almost done for 28 years (22 July) for many is an example of perseverance and fortitude. In 2017 amazed the world the way, which proved not only their mettle, but also on the bumpy road there are Lupus that off.

In the form of gratitude to the public in September of this year, Gomez has presented the picture together with his girlfriend, France, Raisa, when they both appear on a stretcher to the hospital. Her friend was on the verge donarle kidneys need to combat the damage that causes the disease. “I found that needed a kidney transplant due to SLE, what I have, and I was recuperándome”, – he wrote.

“There are no words to Express my gratitude to my friend, Raisa France, what have you done for me. He gave me the gift and the sacrifice for the final donarme his kidney. I feel very happy. I love you so much, sister. The system is still a disease, lack of understanding, but there is progress,” he added at that time.

Thus, in the mountain, with his illness, career and love, the tears has led to the fact that Selena had its UPS and downs, and suffered anxiety attacks, which led her to seek professional help you need. Even for some time went to social networks, this despite the fact, to be the Queen of Instagram with 182 million followers.

Sources close have confirmed to People magazine that the singer “I felt that I should step aside and focus on him without distraction”. And again very empowered”. “Because now there are much better feels great and looks great.”

This stage even affect your presence and career in the script, because he lived attacks of panic. “I came to feel that I’m not good enough, that he was not able to do,” said Gomez .

Music your best therapist

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber for a long time they were one of the couples asediadas entertainment. Their schedules and agreements went around the world. Experience irreparable harm due to the fact that the singer creates a song inspired by his expareja. “Lose You to Love Me”, was the main issue for their creativity. Was a star, from the album gómez 2020 “Rare”. As confirmed focuses on the history of Canada. “I’m very proud of…I Feel that I do not have adequate treatment (on relationships and break), and despite the fact that accepted, it must be said that some of the things that I wish I could be like this”, he continued.

Also performed “The Heart wants what it wants” which expresses her feelings about wanting to be with someone, even knowing that it may be bad for you.

It’s not finished, recently admitted that he suffered from “emotional abuse” during their relationship with Justin Bieber, who is currently married with model Hailey Baldwin. “I’m a victim” engagement is flashing that remains between 2011 and 2018. “It was very difficult, and I’m glad it’s over,” he added. Selenium. “I don’t want to spend the rest of my life saying that I’m really proud to say that I am even more than before, and I found a way to defeat him”, quoted by Spain.