Shooting in garita pedestrian Calexico; activity interrupt

Mexicali.- The operations in the Gated Pedestrian Calexico have been suspended after a Shoot was recorded on the morning of Thursday, confirmed the office of the customs and border protection Agency of the United States (CBP, for its acronym in English).

The people waiting in line to cross the border -Mexicali, in the direction of the United States, common witness, in addition to videos and photos where it is observed, by agents of the u. s. corporation shirt on the body of a man, wearing a white t -.

Although he did not elaborate, CBP reported that the incident occurred on Thursday morning, at about 09:15 hours, if he is Shooting against the assets of the pedestrian la garita Calexico West.

“The facility operations, pedestrian temporarily suspended. Travellers and pedestrians in the direction of the North, the port of entry Calexico-East can cross the USA on foot. The port of entry of Calexico West is open for vehicle traffic in the direction of the North and the South, as well as to pedestrians, the reported in a southerly direction,” the U.S. corporation to the user.