Six tricks to avoid buying the wrong makeup

1. Texture, brand and skin type

According to Antonio Serrano, makeup artist from Shiseido Spain, “if the skin is oily, choose oil bases-free from the components that control excess sebum and technology matificantes. If mixed, it is better to choose the texture smooth and lightweight, suitable for different areas of the skin. When there is a tendency to dryness is preferable to base more rich texture of cream to make more of moisturizing the skin and make the skin comfortable all day. Format cushion the Joker, because it used to make anywhere easy to install and add mirror”. In any case, the new base, put it is easier for us, because not move, they are resistant to sweat and moisture, and even going to fold.

2. Age: the more years, the smaller the range

Eric of Tehran, National Makeup Artist, Urban Decay, it is recommended, otherwise the fact that sometimes we think: coverage, easy to Mature skin. “What hidraten but without the weight, the skin looked less busy, and to hide wrinkles. For example, CC and BB Cream, for their profit at the level of texture and color because they contain additional moisturizers and anti-aging and protection from harmful sun rays for the skin, which cover the shortcomings.” In turn, if the skin is young, with Shiseido I recommend to look for the naturalness and above all “database, which will help to control imperfections (acne, hyperpigmentation, etc.). Middle aged care that will help to increase the tension and the gloss and moisturizing ingredients”.

3. Sound more like a test on the cheek

“We decided three shades that come in your only three lines on the cheek to the chin with three, and notes that melts better your natural skin tone,” says Eric of Tehran. Serrano a warning about a zero of amenities, to try in hand or on the wrist, because the color often has nothing to do. “In the case when he was dragging the makeup better to test on his neck,” although formulas, professional level able to adapt to the tone of each patient. Plus: to use something darker in the winter, and another, more bright for the summer.

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4. Covering what we like, but stop seeing the skin

“Very different depending on the tastes, which range in connection with experience with makeup. It is best to choose the paint, which is a natural and will no longer see the skin; it is true that often we are deficient, but that there are proofreaders. To think that makeup base is a product, decorate, never to conceal or disguise”, says Antonio Serrano.

5. Outdoor lighting that is natural

Every time the store has areas where artificial light close to natural, experts say. “Perfect is the front and not the top (because it is in shadow, and we, a distorted image of reality). Better to be natural because we will check the color of the perfect way”, – he added from Shiseido. Which is better? Light neutral, especially in the sun, say, Urban Decay.

6. Protection from the sun, or to

“Makeup that contains FRAMES per second ensures that skin is protected during the day. If we use additionally the protector, perfect to apply before makeup; more and more physical filters, which don’t give terrible effect whitish and not impede the deployment of the database. In addition, the pigments make up help us to create a natural protection from harmful UV rays, so it is very important to use the basis for all subsequent days,” adds Antonio Serrano.

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