Tau Nahle defended the reliability of the power grid, the International energy Agency


Representatives of 18 countries and the most important points in the sphere of energy at the global level speak, the Secretary of the EnergyTau Nahle, defends the goal, the reliability electrical networks to achieve the sustainability in the production, pledging again to Mexico in the clean power generation to in 2024 35%.

In the virtual panel “Restoration of fair and inclusive“in the framework of the conference “the Transition to clean energy”, organized by the Paris, France, the headquarters of the International energy Agency (SRP, for its acronym in English), Nahle, said that the Mexican government has a policy of reliability to ensure that the power supply is universal, and under conditions of safety, continuity and quality, including all sources of generation in the national energy matrix.

With this recording, the energy efficiency must be made on the basis of the introduction of renewable energies, but also on the security of the transmission system and the electrical installations in the field, where available,” she said.

It is worth to remind that recently, the Supreme court, the policy of the reliability of the networks, the Agency, led by Tau Nahle, to support the constitutional controversy in which the Federal Commission for Economic competition (Cofeceit was reported that the Secretariat of energy – (Sener) in the framework of its powers with this legislation.

The representative of Mexico in this high-level meeting recalled that the country has today, a basket of generation composed in 79% by sources of hydrocarbons, and the remaining 21% corresponds to clean energy, with a 17% share of the wind energy 16 hydro power, 4% pv, 2% nuclear, 1.5% geothermal and 0.5% from biomass.

Therefore, “Mexico is the policy of the transition of the Commission to reach 35% of generation that are pure in 2024 and continue until the target of 50% by the year 2020,” said the official.

The meeting of the SRP tried the positions and actions of the various Nations and organizations around the agenda of the energy transition after the crisis has changed the behavior of the markets by the pandemic Covid-19.

Among the participating organizations: the organization for Economic cooperation and development, the International monetary Fund and the International atomic energy Agency, which had concluded that the turnaround in energy policy towards greater inclusion of renewable sources the necessary investments, greater energy is supported, which, by their efficiency and the agenda of these institutions into consideration that it may be in the area of nuclear technology.

The meeting was also attended by groups of representatives from the industry completely renewable, such as the Global Wind Energy Council, the Renewable energy Policy Network (ren21 carries), Green Cllimate Action Network and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), for the transition of investments to the same level in the networks of transmission and distributed generation programs throughout the world.

Finally, companies, engineers and installers of renewable with the largest volume in the world, how the electricity in France (“EDF”), the India NTPC, Canadian Solar, Hitachi, Nexans, Vestas and Iberdrola, asked for the model of long-term contracts with the distributors of energy, which, in General, the governments of the individual countries.

Ignacio Galán, ceo of Iberdrola, also called for incentives for the production of fuse, which allows for a void to explain, in their entirety, the intermittence of renewable energies, so that they will grow at the pace that mark the rising demand and the growth of the different areas.

The Secretary of the interior, at the meeting, the delegates from Singapore, Thailand, Korea, China, Switzerland, Denmark, Greece, the Slovak Republic, Belgium, great Britain, Hungary, new Zealand, Poland, new Zealand, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Panama and Morocco, were increased.

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