The hearing Nahshon Joaquin Garcia moved to August


The leaders of the Church The light of the world (LLDM), Nahshon Joaquin Garcia, accused of sexual abuse of minors, will remain in prison after the delay of the hearing on Thursday until next August 6 due to the pandemic of the coronavirus-SARS-CoV-2.

The lawyers of the so-called “apostles” called have to argue for his release, that you could die if you coronavirus already suffer from diabetes and high blood pressurebut the judge George Lomeli, the Superior Court of Los Angeles (the USA), refused the request and set a new hearing for the 6. August.

Lomeli noted that the case remains open, as it is not yet the judgment of the Court of Appeals for the Second district, which in April dismissed from the criminal process due to a technical error, and expected, that the communication not later than on the 5.August

The court noted that, because the preliminary hearing of Joaquin was not conducted expeditiously and that the defendant not waived the right, the charges should be dismissed.

Joaquin, 51 years old, is detained, as of the 3. June 2019, without the right to bail and according to the decision, the judge needs to be behind bars in Los Angeles.

The leader of the light of The world, was accused by prosecutors of more than a dozen counts of rape, Child pornography, sexual abuse of minors, and human trafficking, among others.

At least three of the alleged victims, sex, the leader of the mighty Church of minors, according to the indictment the office of the attorney General of California, Xavier Becerra are.

The Prosecutor’s office in California has informed that he has the intention to continue with the case, the correction of the procedure for processing.

Last February, Sochil Martin, a former member of the light of the world, filed a lawsuit against ten members of the Church, including Joaquin.