These disinfectants in aerosol-deleted the Covid-19: EPA


Two sprays the brand name Lysol the approval received from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA by the acronym in English) as a disinfectant manage to end up with the virus of SARS-COV-2the new coronavirus (Covid-19).

In accordance with the Laboratory tests made by the Agency, Presentations spray of this brand: Disinfectant Spray and disinfectant Max Cover crap, sto eliminate the presence of the virus in porous surfaces in about two minutes of your application.

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It should be noted that the list submitted by the EPA, the contains 420 products can remove virus far more deadly that the current coronavirus, determined –at the moment -that uonly the two sprays have been found to be effective for the Covid-19.

It is also recognised that the brand is one of the options available toeconomically. However, it is recommended that that in addition to the disinfection of surfaces will continue to be Implementando preventive measures hygiene, as constant washing of the handskeep healthy distance and the sneezing etiquetteamong other things,. – With Information The Horizon and Info 7.