U. s. purchase Mexican were all of a elotero, and it will be viral


United States.- In social networks, the contact with the circulated video in which an American holds to the seller of corn on the cob, Mexican, buy all of his goods, the man explained that his intention was to help people cope with the crisis that many are experiencing the pandemic of Covid-19.

This is the user, WHETHER or not Baldwin, a man who is African-American, lives in Riverdside, California, which showed that his act of humanity in your personal account on Facebook.

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In the recording, you can see how an Ob realizes that the seller is approaching, and quickly goes to stop him, to tell him that, and buy all their maize food flask and deep-fried, this was so surprised the Mexicans that thought for a moment, he, he tried a joke.

What is truth?”, asked the seller

“Really,” she says, convinced, and later begin to do the math to see if you have to pay for all the goods.

Declared this time, the American him that he has great admiration for their work, since despite the difficult situation comes to make day-to-day to a few dollars.

Finally, IF at the end of $ 120 to pay for everything, something like 2700 Mexican pesos. At the time, a person went through, and he did not hesitate to offer him corn.

The recording has gone viral on the Internet with thousands of reactions and comments from internet users, those who praised the good work of the American still stood, generate to the edge of tears.

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