United States.- The Prosecutor listened to Geoffrey Berman press denounces “next” on the part of Barr to leave the office



Geoffrey Berman, the attorney for the southern district of New York, was dismissed by the us President, Donald Trump, the past month of June, reported on Thursday, to stop that he was pressured to “continue” by the attorney General of the country, William Barr,, the charge.

As explained by Berman, Barr insisted on the resignation during a meeting on may 18. June in a hotel in New York, as well as in a phone call that took place after the meeting.

In a press release sent to the Judicial Committee of the House of Representatives, Berman has pointed out that Barr tried to convince him by telling him all sorts of positions in the management of Trump, including the Chairman of the Securities and exchange Commission.

So, it’s been said that said that there was no proposal, he would withdraw. However, Barr issued a statement to deny in which he announced his exit from office, prompting Berman, his resignation would have been the same night.

The incident ended the next day, if Barr agreed to drop the ‘number two’ of Berman in the office of the Prosecutor during Trump his removal ordered according to the newspaper “Politico’.

The events have the jump on the alarms in the capital because of the possibility that Trump was in the process of a public Prosecutor, who examined his former lawyers, Michael Cohen –who eventually pleaded guilty to eight charges, including the violation of the laws of financing of the election campaign, and Rudolph ‘Rudy’ Giuliani.



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