What is the controversy behind the app-Tik Tok is?

Tik Tok, one of the most popular applications for mobile devices and has been involved in several controversies in the past few days.

The social network created by the Chinese firm byte dance that will allow you to short videos, which was accused of conducting espionage and theft of data from its users, among other things.

This Thursday, users of Tik Tok reported errors in this App, but it has been reported that the failure was only a couple of minutes, and the bills begin to return to normal.

What the disputes are?

This Tuesday, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Department of Justice of the United States are investigating allegations that indicate that the popular app TikTok complied with the agreement in 2019, which is intended for the protection of the privacy of the children, as they can not be deleted, videos, and personal information of users of 13 years or less, as agreed, had, among other privacy violations.

The last 1. July, the Twitter account of Anonymous showed that the app was created, running a massive espionage by the Chinese government, in view of what has been suggested, users delete them from your phone immediately.

“Deletes Tik Tok now; if you know of somebody that uses it, that it is essentially a malware to run and operated by the Chinese government, a spying operation solid”, so the message of Anonymous.

Given this situation, U.S. Secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, has claimed that the government of the United States to consider, to prohibit the application to china, because, as noted by Pompeo, your private information “in the hands of the Communist party”.

On 6. July, Tik Tok confirmed that he resign, its platform for applications from Google and Apple in Hong Kong, after Beijing authorities approved last week the new law of National security.

“In light of recent events we have decided to stop the operations of the application TikTok in Hong Kong,” said a spokesman for the social network to Axios.

The application, the use of which has been widely criticized widely used in almost all areas of the world in the past few months, again and again by politicians who accuse the U.S. you, as a threat to national security because of its connections to China.

The situation in this case, adds to trade tensions, which have caused for years, to install, the veto of the company Huawei, which have not, for example, access to the services and applications from Google mobile-Android.

In Australia, the ban for the theft of personal data of their users.

On 29 June it became known that the application would be blocked in India due to privacy issues a threat for the sovereignty and security of India.

The Ministry of technology, the indian said in a press release that it had been reported that the mobile apps “to steal, and convey secretly the data of the users”.