Who is Patricia Armendáriz, Rapporteur for the dinner between Trump and AMLO is?

Patricia Armendáriz it has become a milestone in the social networks, because that was the only woman, the entrepreneurs present at the dinner took place on Wednesday, as the Alliance between the President of the United States and Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and Donald Trump, as it provided a summary of the examples for the big event through your Twitter account. But, who is she?

Armendariz is the current CEO of Financially Sustainable and as a counselor in Group Banorte, in which she was a Director in the period from October 2001 to April 2005. Was the associate director of the Bank for International settlements (BIS, for its acronym in English), Vice-President of the National Banking Commission and valuesOr cnbvfor almost a decade (February 1992 to April 1999) and Advisor to the Minister of Finance, Pedro Aspe, and acted as a negotiator of the Treaty of Free Trade agreement (NAFTA) in the area of financial services. From February 1990 to April 1992.

If he Banking crisis, the Mexican In 1994, Patricia has served to merge an important role for the conformation of the current banking system, how it is instructed, the banks, the hardest hit by the crisis in the capital of the foreign bank, while he was a vice president in the or cnbv.

For this reason, in 1999, the Deputy Director of the Bank for International settlements, based in Switzerland, the Agency designated responsible for issuing the rules of the banks on a global level, in which trained regulatory authorities around the world.

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In 2012, he founded the Financial sustainability, in order to have your personal purpose: to support the Micro-entrepreneurs Mexican. The financial is the only specialized bank in the field of public transport of the Metropolitan area and valley of Mexico, that it uses in addition to Natural gas to reduce to increase the income of the transporters and pollution.

On his Twitter account, the entrepreneur, emphasised in his work and representation of the Entrepreneurs, Mexican in the important bilateral meeting between the Wednesday, in which he also served as a reporter, then photos and videos of the event took.

Between the Mexican business people, his partner, was invited to participate in the program Shark Tank, Carlos Bremer. Also visited Carlos Slim HelúMiguel Rincon, Ricardo Salinas Pliego and Carlos Hank González, among others. Armendáriz took the floor to speak on the dinner, how important is the integration of SMEs in the Treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada (T-MEC).

Shark Tank is in Mexico on the Mexican, in which budding entrepreneurs your business will present proposals to a group of investors to see whether they are selected or not. Patricia is part of the cast, which aired for the second season in 2017, while his team-mate Carlos Bremer has been from the beginning.