You identify a couple of, which has been found quartered in the case of tiktokers

Seattle.- In the last couple of weeks, it was a video that became viral thanks to the platform Tik Tokin this footage, three teenagers come to a place of application Randonautica and found a suitcase filled with two human bodies hacked.

Thanks to the investigations of the police Seattlewe were able to determine that the bodies are found, Jessica Lewis, and Austin Wenner of 35 and 27 years old.

Jessica is the mother of four sons and Austin was her friend was.

According to local press reports, at the time, were you found by users Tik Tok the few he was already passed 3 days.

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Someone shot you to death

The investigating judge responsible for the conduct of the autopsy of this pair of individuals, found that they were killed by the action of a firearm.

While the one-shot received the injuries, the man died of a single shot in the belly.

The aunt of Jessica Lewis, began to offer a company with the intention of raising funds, a reward of 10 thousand dollars for information about the whereabouts of the perpetrators of this heinous crime.

Meanwhile, the police has already begun to settle an investigation with the aim to punish the crime, and who is to blame.

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