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These days, the Universe of Marvel Movies, expanded universe, DC and X-Men franchises, as it seems the only movies that tell us, in the world of superheroes, but there are still many wonderful films people who are also highly rated companies. Director M. Night Shyamalan returned important method of its production Split in the past year, and the revelation that he was a continuation of the tricks in his film Invulnerable he took us by surprise.

Now, Shyamalan intends to close the gap between Invulnerable and Split along with the premiere of the third film of the trilogy, call Glassin the control, and, though it keeps wrapped in the mystery (a feature known Director), will turn slightly in the information that is in the tape, estrene on the big screen, gather your heroes.

1. This is the story that you are over 18 and you are looking to say

Shyamalan always had plans to make a sequel Invulnerable in 2000, but his origin story of superheroes was not successful at the box office, so plans for a sequel were dismissed. When the Director decided to complete Split the scene in which the hero of Willis Dunn (Bruce Willis) I looked the Messages in Kevin Crumbs (James McAvoy) sitting in a restaurant, it is twist unexpected was really the bet Shyamalan, fortunately, turned out to be: as Split in the end, success and Money, the study again, you can rely on Shyamalan’s ability to close attractive trilogy.

2. Shyamalan gave songs, James McAvoy, while filmaban Split

In a recent interview, the Scottish actor James McAvoy it turned out that during the filming of Split, Director M. Night Syamalan revealed to him their intentions to rebuild their idea over a decade ago.

“We talked, and I said, ‘maybe if we’re nice, we’re going to do another’ and I’m asked if I have plans to make a sequel Splitbut I explained that I thought it was to pay David Dunn. There was when I said, “Oh, wait…'”

3. Samuel L. Jackson had no idea, the third movie until I saw Split

Case Samuel L. Jackson it was quite different from McAvoy: from the film Split I wanted out, got a call from the Director M. Night Shyamalanand he, of course, to see her in a movie. To say that was a surprise he didn’t.

“I called to tell ‘me that you see this film, which I did, and after what you see, I’m telling you what I think’. So, what I saw, and, in the end, meeting with Bruce Willis in a cafe, and the woman who tells him Mr.. Glass. Wow”.

4. Will be incredible

In addition, the characters in the performance Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis and James McAvoythe team will consist of Anya Taylor-Joythat again to make paper, which he did in Split; in Sarah Paulsonwho will take to the psychiatrist who will assess the identity of all three characters, and in addition, they say that Robin Wright will also add to the casting.

5. The first details of the story is BA

Apparently, parts of the script that have been identified still think that in the movie Glassafter Splitsee David Dunn, pursuing the form Beast Kevin Dusel (which, incidentally, will be even more personality) in a series of meetings, which are amplified, and the dark presence of Mr.. Glass becomes a sort of conductor, which has secrets that are important to both men. Of course, it all ends the same a body, in accordance with what we see in one of the photos held Universal Picturesbut what will happen then?

6. This is what showed the first scenes that I saw

A few months ago M. Night Syamalan participation in the conference CinemaCon in order to discuss the film, and in order to cause some of his fans, the scenes of the film. What has been seen, opened staff Dunn, Price, and Crumbs to mind in a psychiatric hospital, where, it seemed, was treatment hands Sarah Paulson. Specialty character Paulson is the treatment of people with mental disorders that makes you think that the characters of comic books and superheroes as the modern equivalent of those who thought they were emperors, kings, or Jesus Christ.

7. We already know when will be premiere

If you don’t gave to look at the first two articles in this trilogy Invulnerable and Splitas good news, as we need several months to discuss the day before Glass you can estrene following 18 Jan 2019. This means, of course, soon we will be able to give you a look at the first trailer. Fingers crossed!

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